(Abilene Cooper (above) who claims kathryn stockett used her life to write her bestseller)

Millions have read Kathryn Stockett’s bestselling novel THE HELP with a mixture of fascination and raw, often tearful, emotion.
Based on the lives of black servants in America’s Southern states of the Sixties, it is a sharply observed portrait of a racially charged, segregationist world that some might say has barely passed.
It has also proved a literary phenomenon, selling five million copies worldwide, 500,000 of them in Britain.
]Disney’s film version of THE HELP i a big hit with the critics.

When Abilene Cooper picked up her copy, however, her reaction was rather different. Instead of sympathy for the characters of The Help, there was anger and devastation.
As she turned the pages she came to believe that the story at the heart of the book – an unlikely friendship between a white girl and a black maid – was her own. Her life, she believes, has been stolen, without acknowledgment or payment.
Certainly the name is hers, although in the book the heroine is spelt Aibileen. The city, Jackson, Mississippi, is correct, and like the characters in The Help, she has spent much of her life working in white households.
Intriguingly, these include the household of Kathryn Stockett’s brother and sister-in-law, where she has been a maid and nanny for 12 years.
brothers were involved in the civil rights protests and my daddy feared for our lives and my momma walked around praying.
The Help compares Aibileen’s skin colour to a cockroach: ‘He black,’ Abilene says of the insect, ‘blacker than me. How can Kathryn live with herself after writing that? How can a person be that cruel?
'I think she is just a racist. She claims she respects black people but she just ran all over me.’

Stockett contends that she modelled Aibileen on a long-dead black maid called Demetrie who worked for the author’s family in Jackson: ‘The Help is purely fiction and the character was loosely inspired by my own relationship with Demetrie.’
In Stockett’s story, the white girl Skeeter persuades Aibileen and 12 fellow maids to secretly help her write a history about their lives.

(Kathryn Stockett has sold more than five million copies of THE HELP. she says, "i don't owe Abilene Cooper one penny.")

When her book is accepted for publication, she gives them all the proceeds. Stockett, however, is trying to get Abilene’s complaint thrown out of court and insists she isn’t entitled to a penny.
Despite going to the trouble of sending the maid the book and the note, the author is airily dismissive of Abilene’s claim. ‘If I add it up, the number of seconds where we’ve seen each other would be maybe ten or 15,’ she says. ‘I met her twice.’
In New York, perhaps, such a response would be acceptable, but not here. It wasn’t until 1994 that Byron de la Beckwith, a Ku Klux Klan member, was jailed for the murder of Medgar Evers – 31 years later.
Black maids still raise the children of ‘white folks’ and the two communities live separate lives.
This is Mississippi. Time passes slowly, and Abilene believes she has become a victim of the same prejudices that blighted her childhood.



There is a group of deer that live in our back property. I always thought the mother walked funny, but just the other day I noticed her leg bending funny. She might have been hit by a car or caught in a trap or bite by a dog. I want to do something for her, but I know she's been this way for some time. If I can keep a little food, corn, water... Just make her life a bit better and better for her babies without them getting to comfortable around humans.

posted by jerry lentz


BRAD DAVIS (November 6, 1949 – September 8, 1991)
was an American actor, known for starring in the 1978 film Midnight Express

Born Robert Davis in Tallahassee, Florida to Eugene Davis (a dentist whose career declined due to alcoholism) and his wife,
Anne Davis. His brother Gene is also an actor. According to an article in The New York Times published in 1987, Davis suffered physical abuse and sexual abuse at the hands of both parents. As an adult, he was an alcoholic and an intravenous drug user before becoming sober in 1981.
Davis was known as "Bobby" during his youth, but took Brad as his stage name in 1973.

At 17, after winning a music talent contest, Davis worked at Theater Atlanta. He later moved to New York City and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, as well as studied acting at the American Place Theater. After a role on the soap opera How to Survive a Marriage, he performed in Off-Broadway plays. In 1976 he was cast in the television mini-series Roots then as Sally Field's love interest in the television film Sybil. He played the lead role in Larry Kramer's play about AIDS, The Normal Heart (1985).

His most successful film role was as the main character, Billy Hayes, in Midnight Express (1978), for which he won the Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year – Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Acting Debut - Actor.

Davis was married to Susan Davis, who later became an Emmy Award-winning casting director.
They had one child, Alexandra.

In 1982, brad davis stared as Querelle in the film of the same name, the last film directed by the legendary Rainer Werner Fassbinder, adapted from French author Jean Genet's 1947 novel Querelle de Brest.

Diagnosed with AIDS in 1985, Davis kept his condition secret until shortly before his death. Although the announcement said he died of AIDS in 1991 in Los Angeles, he actually died of an intentional drug overdose. Near death and in severe pain in a hospital, he opted to return home and end his life on his own terms. With his wife and a family friend present, he committed assisted suicide.
Susan Davis continues to campaign to combat AIDS.


my very longtime doll of a friend- PINKIETESSA, has a new video for her
A TO Z, (pronounced zeed) LONDON SERIES.
it is so cute, as is she.
check her out-

I had always wondered what the lit-up OXO sign down on the River Thames was all about. If you've ever wondered now you can find out the whole story in less than nine minutes and probably get through at least two or three biscuits and a cuppa tea. Thus saving time by multi-tasking.

If you're not a Londoner or have never had a connection with the city you won't have a blinking clue of what I write but stick with it. It is still hugely interesting furthermore we take in Europe, Uruguay, meat related products and the Baron Von Liebig.
Maybe you are also curious about OXO products? It's all lodged here for your entertainment.

This series about London is so original, so innovate, so full of fun and facts. Who'd ever have thought facts could be such a laugh.........with Pinkietessa™ life is always a laugh..........!

resposting courtesy- pinkietessa- london/antebellum corespondent



GUMBY- that little green slab of clay, tried to rob a 7-11 convenience store in
san diego yesterday...
check out the footage here-

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I was reading an article about the accidental death of a dolphin @ the brookfield zoo, chicago the other day.

(you can read the story HERE-)

as i read the comments thread after the story i was very surprised to see the comments go off topic and end with the following-

44 minutes ago (6:50 PM)
The reason so many people champion the cause of Dolphins and Whales is because they were able to see them up-close in Zoos, seeing for themselves that these are intelligen t animals.

46 minutes ago (7:01 PM)
we owe it to ourselves to hold a few republican s in captivity ... maybe we'll be able to save countless others because of what we learn ....

22 minutes ago (7:12 PM)
Yes...let' s start with Dick Cheney. I know the perfect place...a little club in Cuba.

21 minutes ago (7:12 PM)
I was thinking the same thing about g a y s... before they all d ie from inje cted diseases.. ..

15 minutes ago (7:19 PM)
That's one species that we should not interfere with natures plan of extinction .

what do you think of these comments? perhaps you guys would like to post your own comments to
the people that made them-




photo & model- drask bogdanovic- toronto/antebellum corespondent




1963~ 2011

here are some amazing pics~

(don samuals~ spotlight owner)

(jerry~ spotlight bartender)

photos courtesy- father fang- hollywood/antebellum corespondent


awwww..... well it finally happened... after a few rumors, an extended lease and numerous false dates,
THE SPOTLIGHT BAR IN HOLLYWOOD has finally closed. tonight- september 5th, 2011, was its last day in business after serving hollywood since 1963!!

wow... very sad... this dive will never be replaced. it is like saying good-bye to a dear friend and closing the chapter on a part of your life. the era of the fun/freindly gay dive bars has come to an end.

($ex Artiste & Rick Castro- closing night of the spotlight- september 5th, 2011)

(spotlight owner- don samuals)

there are rumors that owner DON SAMUALS is already in the process of looking for a new location, (perhaps in the gower gulch on sunset) but we shall see what transpires.

there is a documentary film in the works produced and directed by jeffrey hillbert.


photo courtesy- Ben Bullock- san francisco/antebellum corespondent

FREDDIE MERCURY, 5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991 was a British musician, singer and songwriter,
best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen.
As a performer, he was known for his flamboyant stage persona and powerful vocals over a four-octave range.
As a songwriter, Mercury composed many hits for Queen, including "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Killer Queen", "Somebody to Love", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "We Are the Champions". In addition to his work with Queen, he led a solo career, penning hits such as "Barcelona", "I Was Born to Love You" and "Living on My Own". Mercury also occasionally served as a producer and guest musician (piano or vocals) for other artists. He died of bronchopneumonia brought on by AIDS on 24 November 1991, only one day after publicly acknowledging he had the disease.




from gloriana casey 9-5- 2011

Work's speeding up, work's speeding up!
Oh, dismal Labor Day.
With workers few, that work piles up.
That is the corporate way.

As corporate profits rise and grow
the PUBLIC'S in despair.
Off-shored, cutback for lowest bid.
Good jobs? They are NO WHERE!

Their multitasking kills the brain
while errors FOUL the work.
No cares! Those profits rise and rise,
that is their corporate perk!

Forty hours --- WAS workers' week,
now 60--80--MORE!
Vacations gone and benefits?
The workers shown the door

This door it leads to NEVER- land,
no jobs for young or old,
while corporates sit upon their prize
of Midas gleaming gold.

They cut the jobs but pile the work!
Each worker made a palfrey,
a riding horse, they sit on us.
So yes, we hate them awfully!

But tell you what, oh corporate ones,
and those in Congress too.
This PUBLIC throws distain at you,
and possibly a SHOE!

For PEOPLE built this nation up,
and NOT that Wall St. junk!
They blind our eyes with wooly lies
and think the world, they've punked!

But history does repeat itself
for robber barons too.
For Rage is growing day by day,
we've had enough of you!

So workers of the world, SLOW DOWN!
This robo -signed life kills.
No time for you-- family --or friends,
HUMANITY'S peak thrills.

So whether Union work, or not,
the PEOPLE rise as one.
There's work to do and fine work too,
the rat race kind, we SHUN!

Though focusing on speed is fine
on NASCAR or in trains.
But PRIDE of CRAFT, it needs the time
to flow through human brains!

And workers battered by this speed?
Ideas just fall and die.
This makes a nation widget- like,
UNITED states? A lie.

That PATRIOT ACT, is written now
which focuses on terror.
Perhaps we should expand that line....
add in corporate ERROR!

UNITED we do stand for WORK
and here's a hint that's true,
when corporates meet us on the street
BEWARE. We'll throw our SHOE!

Love's LABOR lost? OH, NO IT'S NOT!
It burns within our souls.
That corporate BELL is clanging now,
and yes, for THEM, it tolls!****

reposted courtesy- gloria casey- alta dena/antebellum corespondent/poet



my torment continues.....

i naively thought that the $3.89 avocado i saw yesterday @ beachwood market was a phenomenon...

now i am sent this image live from the hollywood famers market-


ohmyoh... we are all doomed... it's truly, truly the end of the world.

photo courtesy- lawrence elbert- hollywood/antebellum corespondent


652 N. LaPeer Drive, West Hollywood, California USA
Owner: Scott Forbes

DJs:Frank Del Rio,Tim Zerr

West Hollywood's Studio One was a HOT club for many years, had the best Halloween parties,
sponsored the first Gay Night parties at Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain. Staff ran around in tight satin short shorts. The Backlot was a show room where all the celebrities came for dinner shows. One of the pioneers of disco light shows in the dance room. The Pegasus winged horse and Studio One surrounded by a circle of stars were its symbols.

MDA, poppers, fog and strobe lights to Giorgio Moroder's "From Here to Eternity" or Donna Summer's " I Feel Love" or the Village People singing about Studio One in their San Francisco/Hollywood song(s) or being witness to Sylvester's many live performances....those were the days!!
This latest generation doesn't even have a clue about what a special magical era they missed. It will never be duplicated!

No too many people know this; and Heaven knows, I'm very seldom given credit for it....
but some years ago (37, to be exact) I put together a little nightclub here, in West Hollywood.

In truth, it was by no means little. It was a whole city block long, that housed 14 bars, a disco, a game room, a show room
(The Backlot,) and a lounge, among other things... from time to time.

(studio one- circa- 1980)

(studio one- circa- 1988)

(studio one- circa- 1990)

STUDIO ONE had been a camera factory, a munitions factory,
and, at one time, was even known as, The Factory; a club that was put together by several big stars (Paul Newman, being one.)
This time out, I had nine investors, asking me to assemble, not only the club, but the staff, as well. It was a daunting job, to say the least.

(the campers- studio one- backlot- circa- 1981)

The first bartender I hired was a fellow by the name of, Gary Mortimer. A most excellent bartender.
I had lunch with Gary this afternoon; and I have to say, I feel so honoured, that after ALL these years, someone who worked for me would want to get together and 'break bread.'

Here is a picture of Gary when I first hired him. Any wonder that he did very well in tips?

(stuido one bartender- gary mortimer- circa 1974)

reposted by Christopher Riordan- west hollywood/antebellum corespondent