buisness analysts and advisors say your business is set if you can reach the 5 year mark... well if this is so- I'VE MADE IT!

we originally opened our doors on november 11th- 2005 with our EROTIC PIONEERS exhibition. the event was packed wall to wall and started antebellum off with a bang.

here are some visuals from the last 5 years of antebellum~







for those who are not aware, antebellum was created with a very specific intent.
we don't consider ourselves a typical gallery and don't go by any preconceived art agenda.

ANTEBELLUM, the only fetish art gallery in america, and perhaps the world. we bring fetish to the mainstream on a daily basis.

the antebellum manifesto~

*21st century culture
*fetish as art
*high-heels for men & women *
no plastic or styrofoam containers
*no junk food
*nudity encouraged.

antebellum presents images, art, ideas, opinions, theories, films, music, book signings, photography, memories, current affairs, live performances and tea salons on a weekly basis.

our main interest is fetish

*fetish as sexuality
*fetish spirit
*fetish as art
*fetish as lifestyle
*fetish in the mainstream
*fetish in the media
* the history of fetish

if you understand your own fetish, you know yourself and the world around you.

antebellum promotes all original ideas and original thinkers.
antebellum is defining & promoting 21st century culture
antebellum believes that all ideas and images no matter how initially esoteric or bizarre will eventually become mainstream.

antebellum is not interested in celebrities, only if they have talent or are involved is something unusual or extraordinary.

antebellum is not interested in gossip. it's boring.

antebellum brings fetish to the mainstream.


The term antebellum is latin for, “before war” and while it commonly refers to a more romantic Gone With the Wind era, we find ourselves again today with American culture at odds with political/religious/social agendas that threaten to blow the lid off its foundations at any given moment.

Steeped in Victorian nuances with a salon style antebellum is a casual space for art and engaging conversation.
The gallery is intended as a hybrid of artistic, cultural, and political iconoclasm. Antebellum is the only fetish art gallery in America, and perhaps the world.

Antebellum is housed in a 1923 building steeped in Hollywood history and creative culture. Prior to its current incarnation as an art gallery, the space was an antiquarian bookshop called Baroque books (circa-1960ish-1989) owned by Red Stodolsky. Red was best friends with writer Charles Bukowski, and the two would drink together regularly at the space where they would frequently host impromptu book signings. Designer Rick Owens created his first collections next door from 1995-2004.
The building has been in numerous films ranging from “The Cotton Club” to “Knocked Up.”


RICK CASTRO is an independent filmmaker, photographer and curator.
His work has been published in artist editions, exhibitions and institutions.
Castro’s works are in the permanent collections of The Alfred Kinsey Institute and The Tom Of Finland Foundation.
Rick Castro has photographed the Dalai Lama, Gore Vidal, Peter Berlin, Alan Poul, Kenneth Anger and Tony Ward.

Rick Castro began his professional creative career as a stylist working with the likes of photographers Herb Ritts, George Hurrell and Joel-Peter Witkin, publications including Vanity Fair, GQ, Interview and Rolling Stone magazines. It was through this experience that he learned photography.
His own photography has been featured in Flaunt, Attitude UK, DNA and Tetu magazines. He was the west coast editor for Studio Magazines, (Blue, Black & White) Australia from 2001 till 2007.
Castro co-wrote and co-directed the iconic film “Hustler White” with Bruce La Bruce in 1996. The Los Angeles Times lists “Hustler White” in the “Top 100 Important Independent Films from 1913- 2004.” Hustler White has been included in The Legacy Project- UCLA, this year- 2010. Rick Castro has created two books of his photography. Castro, (1991) and 13 Years of Bondage, (2004). Castro’s books and zines are archived at the UCLA library.
Castro has lectured about his work at NYU, UCLA, UCSB, Track 16 Gallery, Bergamont Station, and 18th Street Arts Complex.
Rick Castro lives and works in Hollywood, California his entire life.

n. las palmas ave
hollywood, ca 90028
323 856-0667