dec 30th

it is pitch black.. i will not make it to jemez tonight.. my night vision is not what it used to be and i'm knackered. ted dickerson & bowie wore me out.

i decide to stay in socorro. a small little hamlet off hwy 25. the town is tiny so i should be able to find a nice vintage place to stay. 
humm.. everything is dark.. i spot a neon HOTEL SIGN and pull over.. these chatty ladies and young cholo types are cutting hair. it is a salon. i ask them if they know an old fashion hotel i can stay the night.

they direct me to a couple places. i ask if the salon has rooms to stay in.  "oh you don't want to stay here says the customer, "the place is haunted." i like that i reply.

that's what i'm looking for.

i remember this beautiful brick victorian house from the last year i drove thru... i think i can find it... eureka. i have found it.. i'm very good at finding obscure things such as this.

the home is gigantic. it must be three stories. i pull into the driveway. there are numerous cars parked so it must be a B&B. 

humm.. no one @ the door....  all quiet. i am about to leave when a car pulls next to me. a man steps out. he looks like if he had a gun he would shoot me.

"hello" i say as nice as i possibly can. is this establishment a hotel? are there places to stay for the night?" i ask meekly.

"only if you want to sleep on my couch" is his response... i'm not sure if he's being sarcastic, but that is a good idea.

"you live here?" i inquire. "yes i do" he replies. "what year was it built?" i ask. "1780" he says. "wow!" amazing!  this place is even older than i thought. what a treasure. 
"you own the entire building?" i dumbly ask.. why did i ask that? that wasn't what i wanted to say.. i guess his reach for his gun attitude has me on edge.

there is a long awkward pause.................. well....... thank you for the information. have a nice evening.. he says nothing... i drive away.

i am having dinner @ EL CAMINO RESTAURANT.
 it is open 24 hours and they have an adjoining bar. the food was very heavy.  the have wifi!

afterwards i watch the country western live band in the bar for a minute or two... i guess i don't look like the locals because everyone in the bar, including the band simply stared at me when i walked in.. 
i don't mean in a negative way.. just like a "who the heck is that" sorta way.

i stayed the night @ an econo lodge. next door. $35 bucks!

such a deal!


december 30th, 2011

i make a stop @ BOWIE ARIZONA, to have a studio visit with one of my artists~ 

TED DICKINSON. he created dildos and sculptures from marble. all hand carved. his work is amazing.

(downtown bowie)

this will be the first i meet him in RT, (real time). ted is a self-avoiud recluse. originally from san francisco, ted spend his heyday in the city by the bay during "her" best of times, late 1960s early 70s.
he then moved to bisbee, az, one of my personal fave places on earth. about 15 years ago he moved to bowie and never looked back. bowie is...... a trip.. there is nothing there.... literally nothing. 
well actually there is a pecan farm and a vineyard 
so i picked up some of that.

there is also a TEEPEE CAFE.. it is abandoned.

ted lives in artist squalor of the highest order. he has everything he need to create his art. and that is all. nothing more, nothing less.

he is quite the character, as are all antebellum artists. 
ted has numerous studios joined together to create his various sculptures. there's the prerequisite basement/dungeon that looks like the crawl space of john wayne gacy. 
he even has a chainsaw and a gun! 
well if someone is going to be a serial killer, bowie is the place to be.

my fave  spot is his herbarium where he grows "medicinal" mescaline and "medicinal "LSD plants.

ted confirms what he is growing is legal as medicine. after all he bought the plants online.
ted & i have tea together. actually he made coffee for himself and boiled some water for me. 
since i have a tea fetish, i bring my own tea. we also have sees candies which i leave for him to munch on after hours.

about bowie~

Bowie is an unincorporated community in Cochise County, Arizona. The community lies on Interstate 10 in eastern Arizona close to the western New Mexico border. 

On Interstate 10, Willcox, Arizona at the Willcox Playa lies west-southwest; San Simon, AZ and Road Forks-Lordsburg, New Mexico lie east. 
 the population is 706

It is also the birthplace of the fictional character John Rambo from the 

sylvester stallone series.

afterwards i drive thru- STEIN, a real honest to god southwestern ghost town. i was here about 10 years ago and still remember how to get there!

Steins Railroad Ghost town was once a thriving railroad station town named after 
Captain Enoch Stein, U.S. Army officer who was the first Anglo witness to sign a treaty with the Mimbres Apaches including Delgadito and Victorio.
 At the town's peak, between 1905 to 1945 Steins supported 1300 residents.


coming to a mall in america near you...

two queenie gay boys, and their fag-hag GF's beat up a straight man when he called them-
wow.. i don't know what to say... i'm glad gay boys are sticking up for themselves, but... wow.


december 30th, 2011

i'm driving thru the dragoon mountains, chochise county, arizona. the scenery is a beauty..
reminds me a bit of joshua tree.

i stop of at a small little town called- WILLCOX, AZ.  wow.. a nice step back in time.

 founded in 1880 as a whistlestop on the Southern Pacific Railroad. It was renamed in honor of a visit by General Orlando B. Willcox in 1889.  Interstate 10  replaced the railroad as the major transportation link, and much of the economy is now tied to Interstate 10, which runs immediately north of the town.
the population is just below 3800!

the town  basically consists of two streets. the main street and the street along the railroad. this area is amazing.. like a real life version of the film- THE LAST PICTURE SHOW.

does anyone remember this flick by peter bogdanovich, circa 1971? 
i plan to stay here over night on the way home. i must experience a little more.



(ouija board table @ hotel congress)

december 30th~ 6:45amish
this time i really am up @ the crack of dawn.
hotel congress is so fantastic! last night i have duck tacos from the cafe with a cup of earl grey tea.
the hotel has 4 different bars, all of them open and full of people having fun.

this morning i am in the congress cafe having breakfast. the food is soo good... and cheap.
i'm chatting with my longtime friend "penny" online. a family sits across the way from me. they have two kids. the kids are cute but loud. why are children always so loud these days? when i was a kid i was very quiet. the father is somewhat good looking.. if i didn't know any better i would say he is checking me out.... wait... he is checking me out.... i think he's a closet. i tell penny who says to
"go for it."  i  don't have the time to waste with a closeted husband. as they leave i come to the conclusion that the wife knows. or perhaps she is gay as well.. it's hard to tell in the southwest. all the women look like lesbians.

they have so many people working here and everyone is sweet... and cutes.
I check out of my room.. the dreamy clerk is working this morning. he is sweet as pie and shy as a mouse. he knows i want him.. i make him nervous. he is sooo polite. his name is peter. i will make sure he gets a raise.

i'm on the road headed east in arizona.. i used to love this area until jan brewer became governor.. i think she will be recalled. she is the pits... the locals call her, "cunt face."

wow.. i just spotted gas for $3.05 a gallon! i pulled over and filled up.

more to come....