Rick Castro, owner of the only fetish art gallery in the America, 
Antebellum Gallery  has shared his series 
Talk to me Hairy Winston with us and we are thrilled. 
 was produced & photographed by rickcastro.com
Rick Castro is an independent filmmaker & photographer 
living in Los Angeles. 
Rick’s work explores the world of fetish and fringes of sex culture. 
His work has been published in artist editions, exhibitions 
and institutions worldwide. Basically, 
Rick Castro is someone you should know!

We asked Rick a few questions to break the ice:

Accidental Bear: What are you currently working on or involved with?
Rick Castro: I curate exhibitions and run operations at my art gallery~
 Antebellum~ the only fetish art gallery in the world.
Accidental Bear: If people eat you to the core like an apple,
 what will they find?
Rick: That they are a cannibal.
Accidental Bear: Words to live by?
Rick: More penis, less dicks.

Accidental Bear: Scariest moment of your life?
Rick: Bicycle accident december 7th, 1998, (pearl harbor day).  
Almost lost me leg…
 I had to learn to walk all over again. 20 metal screws and 2 metal shafts 
in my leg for  3 years. Surgery to remove the hardware was scheduled for
 september 11th, 2001. Needless to say it was preempted.

Accidental Bear: Highlight of your life thus far?
Rick: There are so many…. patti  smith live @ the roxy~ 1975.. 
going to NYC for the first time~ 1982.. working for Bowie &
 Tina Turner- 1986… meeting my first cat pyewackett- 1991… 
 falling in love for the first time~ as an adult…
  my first bondage session, premiering Hustler White @
 the Sundance Film Festival- 1996….
 publishing my two books~ 1990 & 2004…. 
going to paris for the first time~ 2001… 
photographing and chatting with Gore Vidal @ his home~ 2004…  
Opening Antebellum on November 11th, 2005.

Accidental Bear: Is there anybody out there that you
 would love to photograph?
Rick: Marc Andre Grondin

produced & photographed by Rick Castro
Models~ kevin johnson, Michael caruso,  Jeff tuttle, James Vincent,
  Damon Holzum,  Scott k, Benjamin Morgan,  Ashton Michael, 
 Dare Williams, Alan Skinner
Jewelry ~ Bulgari, Channel,  Victor & Rolf, Tom Bins,  Steven Webster, Gucci,
 Erica Courtney, H Stern, Neil Lane, Mark Schneider
Leather Gear~ Jt’s Stockroom
Styled by Fati Parsia,
Hair & Grooming~ Johnny Stunz
Location~ Antebellum Gallery~ Hollywood~ 
a big thanks to the accidental bears!