photo courtesy~ jaypg~ los angeles/antebellum correspondent


Euphorbia caput-medusae ("Medusa's Head") 
is a plant of the Euphorbia genus, that occurs in and around Cape TownSouth Africa.
This succulent resembles the head of Medusa, with many serpent-like stems arising from a short, central caudex. It is still common around Cape Town where it grows in deep sand or rocky outcrops on the coast.  They sometimes exceed 1 metre in diameter, partly buried in the ground, covered with numerous crowded branches.


DRUMMER MAGAZINE was the granddaddy of all BDSM~Leather publications.
Groundbreaking for it's time~ Drummer set precedence for all homomasculine representation to come.
1975- premiere issue~ artist- bud lawson
1977~ photo by robert mapplethorpe

1996- photo ~rick castro

1982~ artwork by rex

1976~ artwork by bill ward

1982~ artwork by tom of finland

1979- artwork by etienne

Drummer Magazine, (1975 to 1999), was the premiere magazine for men in the kink /fetish world who did not see themselves, or their sex lives reflected in erotic gay publishing at that time.

 MARCH 17TH thru 21ST is Leather week in Los Angeles.
In celebration of Leather Pride~ ANTEBELLUM HOLLYWOOD and the LEATHER ARCHIVES & MUSEUM will open a touring exhibition~
THE ART OF DRUMMER: New Outlines of Masculinity~ March 19th, 2013.
The exhibit features numerous original works from artists~ Bill Ward, Nigel Kent, Cavelo, Etienne, Rick Castro and many other artists published in Drummer. 

 What a hot concept for Fans of Fetish!
An exhibit of the artists we featured in Drummer, the magazine that helped create the very leather culture it reported on!
No other magazine published and validated so many historic erotic artists—
including our art director, the cartoonist A. Jay, Rex, Domino, The Hun, Bill Ward, Chuck Arnett, Etienne, Tom of Finland, Rick Castro, Robert Mapplethorpe 
and a hundred other fetish artists with a career goal to canonize their reputations in the legendary Drummer that from 1975-1999 was read literally by millions. 
I welcome these LA&M endorsed artists from the Drummer Salon to Hollywood, and to the walls of Rick Castro’s remarkable fetish gallery~ Antebellum.

—Dr. Jack Fritscher, founding San Francisco editor in chief of Drummer, leather historian, author.

 Antebellum Gallery hosts a traveling exhibition from the Leather Archives & Museum. 
The Art of Drummer: New Outlines in Masculinity will be shown from March 19, 2013 through april 12th, 2013. 
Original works from over twenty artists published in Drummer Magazine will be included.

 opening MARCH 19TH
                                                                     7PM till 9pm
live performance byTRAMP FOR THE LORD
living performance art byKEITH HUNTER
(exhibition~ thru april 12th
)general hours~ weds~ 5pm~ tea~$5
thursday thru saturday~ 1pm till 7pm
ANTEBELLUM1643 N. Las Palmas Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028
323 856~0667