leave it to the brits, for staring a new trend in bipedalism


here are some images from our last KINKY CAMERA CLUB, with our incredible guest model- MIGHTY FRANKLYN.

photos courtesy- DARYN GOODALL- another proud member of KCC. our next KCC will be on october 18th- to join KCC please contact us- antebellum@earthlink.net



BOA has responded to DEBTORS REVOLT... check this out- Darren Bryant of Pensacola, Fla. spent hours in what he calls Bank of America's "phone maze," getting bounced from person to person, never reaching somebody who could address his situation.
Finally, in one last desperate attempt to get someone's attention, he uploaded a five-minute video to YouTube in which he explains his predicament and gives his phone number and email address.
"The reason I'm making this video is to get in contact with somebody from Bank of America that can make a decision," Bryant says in the video, which he uploaded on Monday. He then emailed a link to over a dozen Bank of America email addresses he said he found online.
Within four hours of posting the rant, Bryant got a phone call. It was somebody from the office of David Darnell, president


THE EYES OF CHRISTIAN- photo by raymond sandoval


ok, did that work? did i get your attention? once again another example of the insanity that comes with children & animals. A nude portrait of Brooke Shields taken when she was 10 has been removed from a major London exhibition after police visited the gallery. the "Obscene Publications Unit" actually stated that they were concerned the exhibit would attract pedophiles!.. ok, we now need someone to monitor every institution and cultural attraction, because our moral compasses are so off, we only want porn... this is ludicrous,, another example of the breakdown of common sense over over-reactions from politically correct dullards. the exhibit was @ the TATE MODERN MUSEUM.. A REAL HOT BED OF SMUT PORN & PEDOPHILA.



join the party..it's the way back to people calling the shots.

no more bank bailouts with our $$$



ohmygod... i'm @ LINDA'S CAFE in golden shores, AZ, off route 66! old skool breakfast & tea.. $7.50! i am loving my road trip. i left seligman @ the crack of dawn this morning- 5:30am.. just as there was a twinkle of light. i drove mostly on route 66.. it got scary for awhile, even for me, i was in the middle of nothing for a very long time, then the road got even smaller and windy as i headed up the desert mountain... after many miles i come across OATMAN... a one street old western town in the middle of this mountain top... everything is hand-painted and wooden.. losta shops, saloons, and a hotel.. it's too early for anything to be open, so i just walk up and down the wooden storefronts.. one scraggly-bearded local tells me nothing will be open until 10am.. well i can't wait that long, but this town promises to be a great place for new years eve.. i have a tradition of spending new years eve by myself in a remote place.. this has been a tradition for 22 years! i like traditions..

on the way outta town i spot a hot shirtless heshen working on the tin rooftop.. he is hot.. dusty, bearded, lean and sun-baked.. very deliverance.. in fact this town seems to have no women... humm.. it's really all about ROUTE 66!
BTW- you do realize there is a ROUTE 66 FETISH? it is very prevalent.. very popular with the french,, no surprise,,, there were entire french families in seligman.

went to a rest stop just past needles.CA, the middle of nowhere-NOWHERE!
there is this H-O-T latin guy spitting and siting on the park bench.. he looks goooood.. lean built, nice arms.. wearing a black, sleeveless- t-shirt and chinos made into shorts. jet-black cropped hair and a thick mustache & goatee- sexy!.... i guess i'm getting back to LA mode, because horniness is setting in.

hey, hi! i'm @ THE BAGDAD CAFE in newberry springs, CA! made famous by the film of the same name, back in 1987, directed by Percy Adlon. the film became a cult hit and put newberry springs on the map... i am the only customer.. i have a slice of apple pie, (awful) and tea, (taste like a brown crayon dipped in luke-warm water) i am told i just missed a tour bus of frenchies! a little later a french family comes in.. i told you the french have a fetish for route 66.

1987 was also the last time i was here with my dear friend GEORGE BYRON, (aka mommie) we went on a road trip & soul searching.. i remember he was just diagnosed with AIDS and wanted to get out of himself and his body.. i suggested a very remote place.. he was excited because of the film but when he saw the real place was extremely disappointed and wanted to leave asap.. that is always the case. reality is never as good as fantasy.. just can't live up to it.. george wanted to go back to the designer outlets in barstow.. he was from NYC, so i didn't understand why he wanted discount designer wear. on the way back he plays me this cassette of a new gay group from NYC called THE POP TARTS... two BF's randy barbetto & fenton bailey. the music was horrible.. they didn't make it in music,, moved to LA and became WORLD OF WONDER PRODUCTIONS. need i say more?....
ps- geroge byron passed away in 1988, i dedicated HUSTLER WHITE to him.. at the end of the credits it reads- FOR MOMMIE.

(huell howser @ the bagdad cafe

compilation from the film & real footage

from here the road trip is boring.. i am now in california and pass all the places i remember as a kid that are now sprawling suburbs.. barstow, victorville, upland, ontario etc.. nothing but sprawl and congestion,, welcome back to LA. i get in around 4pm.. my kitties have missed me... back to the grind of my real life.. yawn.


MONDAY~SEPTEMBER 28TH~day 6~ 6:15am

awwww, i'm in my norman bates daybed, with a neon colored srapi as my blanket... it's sooo comfy i don't want to leave.. raymond is in the kitchen cleaning away. perhaps he is making something special for breakfast!?!
and it is a surprise... raymond makes eggs, bacon & potatoes with green chile.. ohmygod, he's such a good cook!.. he'll make someone a wonderful wife.. sadly we pack up and i say good-bye to my fave NM couple. on the way out of jemez i stop @ the bodhi zen retreat and have a wonderful soak in the hot springs..... divine... heaven.. i don't want to leave.. i take route 66 to a little gas station i saw that had gas @ $2.25!!! - such a deal. i fill up, then catch the I-40 thru gallup..what a pit..

i stop in windslow, AZ (as in the eagles song-"standing on a corner in winslow arizona, i'm such a fine sight to see.. it's a girl my lord in a flat-bed ford slowing down to take a look @ me." ) drove a long time and then decided to stay in seligman off route 66.. what a perfect choice.

check into this cute little place called SUPAI MOTEL.. what a gem... $45.. you can't go wrong.. ate at the copper diner around 6pm, then thought i would go to the coffeehouse next door for a cuppa tea.. boy was i wrong the entire town was closed by 7pm! these small towns roll the carpet in early,



SUNDAY~ SEPTEMBER 27TH~ day 5~ 6:33am

raymond makes mint tea, fresh from his garden. he mixes it will a blend i make for antebellum.. yum. we leave early to the art fair.

there is a much larger crowd today. people come by all day long. ray wigler comes by to say hello. i don't recognize him because he is not wearing all white. he is on his way to catch the train back to taos. i must check that out sometime. i love train trips, especially if they have a good dining car. russell maynor also comes by. he is someone i met @ antebellum 1 year prior. he came into the gallery with a bag of groceries and stayed all afternoon asking many questions about the gallery. turns out he's based in albq, so i let him know i would be out here. it is nice to see him. he takes allot of interest in raymond's artwork and want to commission a bronze skeleton orgy... that would make the art fair a success for raymond & i.

so @ the end of the fair i have a new acessment of albq, NM.. downtown is made up of people in wheelchairs,

handicapped & amputees,

cholos, cute skater boys, tweekers and arts & craft lovers.

there are many dogs, especially huskies. the main source of revenue is bail bonds, liquor and meth.

despite all this there is some great art being created in albq.NM.


i am in raymond sandoval's workshop/guest-room in JEMEZ SPRINGS, NM. one of my most favorite places on earth!
there are sunflowers outside the window and a variety of indoor plants surrounding my little day bed. the bed is comfy, but the look of it reminds me of norman bates's bed in psycho. it has a sinister child-like quality to it.

it is so peaceful and tranquil in jemez springs, NM. population 200- most whom are relatives of raymond sandoval....btw the area is called SANDOVAL COUNTY.

raymond gets up early to leave to the art fair. i stay a little later and drive down with tim. we have breakfast @ THE RANGE CAFE, very cute little place in Bernalillo, albq is full of these small quaint towns. there a guy @ the table next to us who i notice has a very handsome face, kinda like a dark haired- Matthew McConaughey. i mentioned this to tim. "he has a great face, but i don't know what the rest of him looks like." he eventually stands up to take one of his many children to the restroom. well..... he has a nice face, but he's very short & ball shaped, wears high-water, nylon sweatpants and has 6 children! albq tends to do that to guys with nice faces.

as we drive into downtown i notice many bail bond offices. @ the art fair the crowd is larger than yesterday, but business is unfortunately slow. tim & i go to the local zoo... surprisingly cute.... we have such a pleasant afternoon looking @ at the hyenas and baby elephants. i'm so proud of tim, he doesn't talk about violence and dismemberment all day long. well @ least not until we leave the zoo.
back @ the art fair i bring raymond a pepperoni pizza for lunchie. he is grateful. he hadn't sold anything all day.
raymond's brother kenny & his wife & son join us for awhile. they live on a reservation. we have a nice chat... i also notice that allot of people milling around are in wheelchairs?!

so the main industry of ALBQ is bail bonds, a segment of the population is wheelchair bound, and they like arts & crafts.

ray wigler comes by the art fair to meet me. he is one of the artists for THE THIN VEIL exhibition. i have never met him in RT, (real time) before.... what a surprise, he is a handsome, regal gentleman in all white, with bleach blonde hair, sporting a beautiful cain with an ivory dog head. there is a hare in the dog's mouth. (he kinda looks like gary busey in CONTACT. remember the movie with jodie foster where she is the first woman to discover the other dimension? the gary busey character detonates a bomb and blows up the spaceship 2 seconds before take -off)
ray lives in taos and works on his art full time. he used to be a park ranger for 15 years... he is somewhat crippled from a nerve disorder in his neck & shoulder about seven years ago. despite this he has an amazing body... works out every day and walks four miles a day..wow!!.
he promises to be a very interesting person to know.

earlier that day i told raymond that THE RANGE CAFE had homemade KEY LIME PIE. well he fixated on it all day long.. i love people that are obsessive! so on the way home we stop back @ the range and have key lime pie & tea... what a way to end the day.



September 27, 2009 | 8:41 am
L.A. prosecutors planned Polanski arrest after learning he would be accepting award in Zurich [Updated]
Director Roman Polanski is in Swiss custody awaiting extradition to Los Angeles after being arrested in Zurich in connection with his 1977 Los Angeles rape case. this is proof that american justice system is relentless when it comes to prosecutions of what they consider the morally elite.
The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office learned last week that Polanski had plans to travel to Zurich this weekend, said Sandi Gibbons, spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office. even the girl who he had sex with has asked the athourities to let it go and move on. she is now in her late40s!
America's hypocrisy against sexuality, sex and gender is so out of control.. this case will never be fully resolved.
the big questions here...
why did the mother leave her 13 year old with an older man? BECAUSE HE WAS ROMAN POLANSKI.

everyone involved knew what was going to happen.. including the mother and the "female worker" who left the premisses, the little girl was chosen, (as was the parent) because there were in on it.

are we really supposed to believe that a mother leaves her daughter with a stranger and asks no questions?

polanski will never get a fair trail, because America has this insanity when it comes to children and animals.. ( and until recently, homosexuality)

dress them up in tart underwear.. no problem. have them gyrate on poles.. no problem.. have them pose nude & semi-nude... no problem.
put them in beauty contests & bikini's- no problem.
actually lust after them.. go to jail.

america is the ultimate prick tease.
if this were a republican and a boy, there would be no time served and they would still be in office. and btw- HOW MANY CATHOLIC PRIESTS ARE SERVING JAIL TIME?

Prosecutors sent a provisional arrest warrant to the U.S. Justice Department, which presented it to Swiss authorities. On at least two previous occasions, the district attorney’s office has received reports that Polanski had travel arrangements to countries with extradition treaties with the U.S. and prepared paperwork for his arrest, Gibbons said- READ MORE-