the other night i had dinner with KERSEN WITKIN. kersen is the son of joel-peter witkin. i worked with joel throughout the 80s as his stylist, prop master, art director, location & model scout. i helped joel create approx 12 of his most famous/infamous images.
I hadn't seen kersen since he was 10 years old, so we had a reunion of sorts here in NYC. kersen is now a strapping lad of 31 years of age. wow how time flies. we meet @ this great little restaurant just off houston called 12 CHAIRS. it was very good, in that quiet, dark, low-key NYC way. we chatted about the good ol days of the past, and the bad ol days of the present. kersen mentioned that he couldn't remember a lot from back in the day. he said he had a vague recollection of doing karate moves for richard gere.
i asked if he remembered me and he replied, " oh yah! you're exactly the same. you look the same and i remember your distinctive laugh. the boy who's now a man knows how to make this ol man feel good!

i also exhibit kersen's artwork @ antebellum from time to time.

(kersen with his father joel-peter witkin, circa 1988, photo- herb ritts)

(kersen today)

kersen & i @ my opening night



here's a short little viddie of me having the ride of my life on
don ott's stair lift.

this conjures up memories of WHATEVER HAPPEN TO BABY JANE, HUSH, HUSH SWEET CHAROLETTE. HOMICIDAL and of course MRS DEAGLE in GREMLINS- seen below.



i spent a lovely afternoon with my good ol pal- sean strub. we met @ leslie/lohman gallery, viewed my exhibit, then had a little tea & sweetie in the west village. he also showed me a new gallery called OH WOW! very cute...the gallery is the size of a peanut, but what little treasures it has. later we met up with matt levine to see a performance of LEOTARD, featuring my longtime friend- DAVID ILKU. matt them took me for a little tour of the updated west side piers.. my how times have changed.


me on the stair lift @ don ott's house


i've taken my longtime- GF-lauren pine under my wing and presenting her as a budding photogratrix.
please take a gander @ the photography of lauren pine.



MY FIRST DAY IN NEW YORK.. the sights & sounds of the magical city.
i like to think, in my little mind anyway, that all my fave hotspots are the same. by that i mean they have the same energy for me. i feel the same energy.
HOLLYWOOD, PARIS, HAWAII, BISBEE, SAVANNA, NEW ORLEANS & NYC. they all speak to me the same way. we speak the same language.

here's my blow-by-blow account~

(having tea in, " the toyota transgendered children's learning garden"- adjacent to lauren's apartment in the east village)

porto rico- coffee & tea emporium in the east village

(me & longtime pal- buck have a reunion)

(we three- lauren-buck- rick)

(buck, lucky & me go shoe shoping)

(jaiar tries on lauren's corset)

photo courtesy lauren pine- btw~ lauren is my official/unofficial paparazzi in NYC)


new york just keeps giving & giving....
what a fantastic day- started off with an early rise- lauren & I glued ourselves together to head out to her upstate retreat. we picked up NED MALOUF, (buck's exBF from the bad ol days on the big island of hawaii) looking smashing wearing lederhosen, (a present from david rockefeller!) and woolly knee socks. then drove the scenic route to ARDSLEY, NY to meet buck who's staying with octogenarian legend DON OTT. don has a lot to say and a lot to share. a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

(lauren, buck & i on don's troll bridge)

(buck & ned)

(don ott telling us all we ever need to know about life, and then some)

(living legend don ott)

after our morning chat, we headed to scarsdale, NY.
i had the pleasure of being chauffeured by don in his smart car- a first for me.

our brunch in downtown scarsdale was a real gem. our wonderful group of 5 bonded like glue. lauren, buck & i go way back, but it was very rewarding to have two new people in one day, (ned & don) find a familiarity upon our first meeting.

(our little scarsdale brunch)

lauren & i said our goodbyes and took the scenic route to beautiful warwick, a dream of a quaint little town that she now calls home.

(we stopped and picked up fresh cheese directly from the local dairy!)

(teatime @ colonies farms)

(me toe socks & flip flops with a subliminal message)

(me kainoa & bernie @ colonies farm~ my two favorite non-humans, besides my two cats)

photos courtesy ned malouf & lauren pine