Mr. Happy Man from Matt Morris Films on Vimeo.

88-year-old Johnny Barnes stands on the street corner in his town in Bermuda for six hours every day and shouts, "I love you!" For 28 years, he has been an instigator of happiness and a purveyor of love. He is Mr. Happy Man.
Short documentary filmmaker Matt Morris stumbled upon Barnes while browsing Flickr.


Plastic Surgery Serial Killer, #2

One thing I noticed from my recent plastic surgeries was that getting sliced up hurts but it's well worth it. I had 5 friends suddenly disappear and leave me surgeries in their Wills/suicide notes, how convenient and nice and unrelated to any of my doing… I went from an aging bed model that couldn’t get steady work to an on fire bed model superstar! Even Marco (the best bed model of all time) got jealous of my resurgence and new success. All of this was fun but my goal was not simply to be a great bed model and get work again. Entering my late thirties made me realize that I needed stability and reason in my life, therefore, I planned on using my fake looks to marry rich and be set for life. I started paying more attention to things like Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, and Drug Lords. These things made money. I also started thinking about generativity (a big word). Generativity is the need to raise a family and thus produce free nursing care. Why pay someone for health care when you can guilt a son into changing crapped sheets while fitting you into a comfy diaper, right? Luckily, I already had a son (my 3 year old Justice); I just needed to start teaching him things like words and how to do more than fix me a cocktail.

I met very rich Dr. Steve during my last hair plug session. Sparkling on his wrist was an expensive Lange& Sohne Tourbograph watch and that meant there were boats, beach houses, and tropical vacations till the end of days if Dr. Steve was my husband. I couldn’t wait to sleep my way into his life and I casually mentioned that I was single.

“Let’s fly to San Francisco tonight and eat at my favorite restaurant La Folie,” Dr. Steve suggested to me.

I had my friend Julita watch little Justice and I hopped a jet with Dr. Steve to San Francisco. Dinner was divine, the baby shark stuffed with foie gras and gourmet snickers bars was experiential. We took a walk along the wharf and then booked the Penthouse Suite at the Fairmont Hotel. The Dr. had only seen my outside and he wanted in real bad.

“I’m ready for that hole,” Dr. Steve alerted as I slinked out of the shower and onto the silk sheets where he waited with a plump hard on.

Just as I began to mount Dr. Steve, something terrible happened. My hole made noises, “Chugga chugga chugga chugga,” it chugged and then there were a series of internal crashing sounds that grew loud and unpleasant.

“What the hell is that?” Dr. Steve questioned as his hard on started to melt away.

“It’s just what’s going on inside… look at my pretty new face and try to ignore it,”I explained.

Dr. Steve started to get off the bed in disgust, “You need to fix whatever that is before we move forward with anything else, I’ll call a car for you, please go...”

I needed a new hole if I was gonna bag Dr. Steve or anyone capable of taking care of my financial future. I also needed a new victim. I mean, I also needed a new surgery that someone really meant for me not them.

The next day, I waited across the street from an anal reconstructive surgery outlet and watched the patients limp in and out all day. Finally, I found a little old lady struggling to her car; she looked like she had been through a lot of train crashes in her day.

I approached her and said, “Hi, I’m Dean, I, uh shit, I meant to say I’m Deanaldo, how are you today?”

“Oh hi, I’m Emily,” She said sweetly, “and I’d be perfect if all my poopy parts worked dandy enough but I’ll tell you a secret, they don’t,” she painfully smiled.

“Aww,”I frowned.

Emily continued, “When I was your age, I was what you’d call a pudding pop or a cream berry, I didn’t want to get pregnant so I took each and every man into my fudge kitchen and we cooked and we cooked.”

“That’s my story too Emily!” I embraced her.

“I feel so close to you Deanaldo,” Emily looked at my face, “would you like to come home with me and be the son I never had or… just some sex? I know I’m a little old for you but you don’t look like you care…”

Later that week, I took Emily’s anal reconstructive surgery appointment. She wrote the Surgeon a note stating that I could have her surgery because she left the country “for charity work in Malawi” and would never be back, the end.

I jumped into the stirrups and told the Surgeon, “I’m begging you, make this hole whole again Doctor.”

The Surgeon injected highly pressurized waste water deep into my cavity resulting in oil and gas products exiting my hole, also known as fracking. After a barrier of rock was removed, a camera was inserted to explore what else was in there. I watched on the screen as the camera traveled deeper and deeper inside me. Suddenly, a bright green glow manifested on the screen revealing an internal phosphorescent ecosystem. There were organisms in there that had not been seen living on our earth for at least 50 million years.

“Burn it!” I yelled.

The Surgeon pleaded, “But but think of the world inside you but but science.”

“Burn it all down!”

The Surgeon torched every living thing inside me, removed the debris, sliced off yards of skin, and installed a dial that let me choose which age I wanted my hole to be. I never go above 17…
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sid vicious & lemmy




back in the day... after HUSTLER WHITE  became a hit there was allot of interest in street hustler in hollywood and santa monica blvd. we had created a fantasy which surprised people, especially locals, who had no idea such a world existed.

during 1999, WORLD OF WONDER productions hired me as a casting director for their documentary which became-

 at the time director RANDY BARBATO was expecting the hot & hunky boys he saw in hustler white. what he got was some of that, but a whole lot more of the sad/tragic reality of life as a street hustler in hollywood~ circa 2000.

101 Rent Boys is a 2000 documentary film that explores the Hollywood hustler scene. 
The producers recruited 101 hustlers from on and around Santa Monica Boulevard and paid each of them $50 for their time.
 The boys, who were from diverse ethnic, racial, regional and economic backgrounds, were interviewed in motel rooms on such topics as how they entered into prostitution, their sexual orientationdrugs and their first johns. The film focuses on a few of the boys more extensively while much smaller clips of other subjects are used. Each rent boy was assigned a number but not each one is so identified in the film. 
The DVD release has a feature where each of the interview subjects were left alone with the camera for five minutes to do whatever they choose. In this feature, several participants masturbate.
produced & directed- randy barbato & fenton bailey
shelia nevins- cinemax
cinematography- sandra chandler
editor- william grayburn
casting director- rick castro



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model~ daniel miagany~ miami/antebellum correspondent




Pam Hogg Autumn-Winter 12-13 catwalk show,
 at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in the Royal Freemasons' Hall, 
London Fashion Week, February 2012.

PAM HOGG is an iconic fashion designer from the United Kingdom.
Hogg had a meteoric rise to fame after her studies of Fine Art and Printed Textiles at the Glasgow School of Art.

She joined her first band ‘Rubbish’ at the end of the seventies regularly supporting The Pogues in their infancy.

Pam Hogg launched her first fashion collection in 1981. She was, along with Bodymap, one of the new wave of designers who emerged at the beginning of the 1980s in London. Hogg first sold out of Hyper Hyper in London's Kensington and later from her own shop in Newburgh Street always refusing to ‘sell out’ to the mainstream fashion industry.
Mid eighties, still fueled by the excitement and freedom of Punk and The Blitz, Hogg infiltrated the elitist ranks of the conventional fashion world with her self-taught wild brand of outrageous creations establishing a highly respected fashion career and continued success with her internationally renowned shop in the heart of London’s Soho.
Pam opened her first outlet in 1984 at Hyper Hyper in Kensington High Street and is the name behind the style of Ian Astbury of The CultPaula YatesMarie HelvinSiouxsie Sioux and the iconic Debbie Harry of Blondie.
 In 1991 she made a brief appearance on stage in Nashville with industrial noise band Pigface.
Unexpectedly landing the support act with Debbie Harry in 1993, she formed new band ‘Doll’ in five days, and in 1994 with the band firmly established, opened for the post punk band The Raincoat
In 2003 Hogg was approached by Jarvis Cocker collaborator, Jason Buckle to form a “Cramps like band” which would become known as Hoggdoll. Using his swamp like Rockabilly sounds as a backdrop she wrote and recorded 6 tracks in as many weeks and built up an underground following across the globe.
 Her unexpectedly tender song 'Honeyland' touched a nerve and eventually surfaced on The Berlin Based Art Riot band Chicks on Speed 'Girlmonster' compilation in 2006.
Inspired by Siouxsie Sioux’s Japanese concept, she designed the costumes for the Ice Queen of Punk’s 2004 world tour ‘Dreamshow’.
pam hogg- circa~ 2010




ANDY WARHOL (August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987)
 was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. After a successful career as a commercial illustrator, Warhol became a renowned and sometimes controversial artist. His works explore the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement. He worked in a range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, film, and music.
 He founded Interview Magazineand was the author of numerous books, including The Philosophy of Andy Warhol and Popism: The Warhol Sixties. Andy Warhol is also notable as a gay man who lived openly as such before the gay liberation movement.

 His studio (The Factory) was a famous gathering place that brought together distinguished intellectuals, drag queens, playwrights, Bohemian street people, Hollywood celebrities, and wealthy patrons.
Warhol has been the subject of numerous retrospective exhibitions, books, and feature and documentary films. He coined the widely used expression "15 minutes of fame". In his hometown of PittsburghPennsylvaniaThe Andy Warhol Museum celebrates his life and work.


Warhol's memorial mass was held at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

BILLY NAME attended the all-Catholic memorial service, "with all the associated hoi poloi, and magazine Vanity Fair covered the event. In their Warhol death article, they referred to Billy by writing and who should show up but Billy Name, the speed freak of the sixties. 

Billy was non plussed." 

HOLLY WOODLAWN attended the service but asked the cab to drop her off a few blocks away from the church to avoid the media. She was invited into the VIP section by FRED HUGHES but declined in order to avoid walking down the long aisle with people straining their necks to see who was coming in.
YOKO ONO read the eulogy even though, according to Holly, “Andy never liked her in the first place.” Holly skipped the luncheon afterwards preferring not to see the relics of her past, and instead escaped out of a side exit and went straight to Saks Fifth Avenue across the street where she bought “enough makeup to paint the Statue of Liberty.”
At the post service luncheon, with VELVET UNDERGROUND recordings playing in the background, BILLY NAME drew LOU REED and JOHN CALE into conversation with each other, easing the tension that existed between them since their musical break up.  They eventually collaborated on Songs for Drella, a tribute to Andy Warhol, which was released in April 1990 and eventually led to the Velvets getting back together. 


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A Hell of a Video from Anal Magazine on Vimeo.

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the goddess bunny is now offering acting, singing & dancing classes!

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Emptiness is life and death. Living with and striving for  more emptiness is scary,
but also incredibly rewarding. The hard part is in doing it.

 I believe that as we increase the emptiness in our lives,
life actually gets better. Emptiness leads to increased awareness,
 creativity, communication, health, and effectiveness.

10 Ways to Blissful Emptiness:

1. Wake up and admit it. Emptiness is scary and challenging.
But also totally worth it.
2. Get rid of clutter, static, noise. Take everything off the desk.
Stacks of mail, magazines, books and bills just all get dropped
 in a box and dealt with later. (Sometimes procrastination is good.)
 Turn off any music (and of course TV). Be alone and quiet for a bit.
3. Wake up early. The previous day’s worries aren’t so present
after a long,
good sleep. Emptiness is easier with a refreshed mind
and an empty desk
 and quite surroundings. Arising early, before the day’s
 pandemonium begins,
 cultivates emptiness.
4. Turn off distraction. Phone gets powered down.
Email and web browsers closed.
Social media and alerts shut down.
Make it a ritual to shut these things down,

 knowing that the coming empty, disconnected state is
 going to be scary but awsome.

5. Get a sheet of blank paper and keep it next to you for
 random ideas and inspirations.

The head stays empty when you can jot down things that arise.
6. Use the breath as the base. Good breathing =
 good thinking.

Follow a few deep breaths to start things off,
and as you get off on
 tangents or distractions,
 just come back to paying attention to the exhalation.

7. Notice time. With every breath, and every
meandering thought,
realize just how much time there is. There is plenty of it.
Expand into it.

8. Take breaks and reward yourself. Allow the flow to occur,
but also recognize that it’s good to stand up and stretch,
 get some tea,
go for a quick walk,

eat something. This isn’t a marathon or boot camp,
 so use balance.
9. Use gratitude. When you feel stuck, focus on one

great thing in life.
You’ll find that more good things come to  fill your reality.
10. Remind yourself again, emptiness is scary,
 but it’s also really good.
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ben boy~ 2010 by rick castro~ for the april flores  xxx~ rated toy show exhibit~
 2010 @ antebellum

i created what any red blooded homo would do with a rubber vaginal sex toy....
i turned it into a dick!


photo courtesy~ boots bryant