did you know i have a shoe fetish?! oh yah for many years, boots, heels, platforms, flip-flops, you name it.

(photo courtesy~ jay peg)

my latest shoe obsession is with RICK OWEN's SNEAKERS! first of all the are leather. they look like a cross between gumby's feet and a triangle, and they give the impression of a club foot. three strike you're in.. i will wear these everyday during fall.



(photo- jack pierson)

the new crushfanzine is finally out feature model of the moment~ TRAVIS LEE HANSON

(photo- jack pierson)

what a hot obsession.. here are some pics from this issue including
Jack Pierson
Scott Hug
Miguel Villalobos
Fixx Invictus
Gordon West
Frank J Miles
Aaron Tilford
Andre Landeros Michel
Martyn Thompson
and moi~ rick castro

(photo- rick castro)

(photo- rick castro)

(film by- jarrah Gurrie)

CRUSHFANZINE #5 will be handed out to the lucky 25 people who attend my buddy & neighbor JOEY GRANA's CURRENT AFFAIR on friday- september 10th.

afterwards crushfanzine will be available @ ANTEBELLUM GALLERY

to reserve a copy- antebellum@earthlink.net


check out these pics of NYC model~ ALEX GEERMAN.

do you think he's hot? do you think he has a future?
alex is represented by major men- nyc



please join antebellum for a birthday celebration and screening with artist~ SCARLETT ROUGE's short film~ "MAGIC TRAUMA SPRINKLES" and other video art works.

September 10th, 7-10pm:
Antebellum Gallery
1643 N. Las Palmas Ave. Hollywood, CA 90028
+ 1 323 856 0667 / antebellum@earthlink.net

Hollywood, CA--Antebellum gallery is pleased to present “In The Womb: Death, Birth, and Everything In Between,” the first US solo exhibition by Los Angeles and Paris-based artist Scarlett Rouge. “In The Womb” is a multi-media installation which continues Rouge’s interest in archetypal and alchemical symbologies and the metaphor of birth as it relates to society’s capacity to communicate and evolve.

“In The Womb” creates a narrative questioning our most basic assumptions and deep-seated fears through a series of sculptures materialized in oil paintings inside ostrich eggs, which rest upon hand-sculpted steel pedestals. The creations are unions of the earthly and celestial, strength and fragility.

SCARLETT ROUGE is a multi-medium artist who lives and works in Los Angeles and Paris. Her first performance was at age 4 holding a sign that read “Nepotism” as she and the band “Visiting Kids” opened for Nina Hagen in Hollywood. Over the next 23 years, she sang, acted, painted, sculpted, modeled, cooked, and performed. As a child, her art practice began with a quest to discover what God really is. She became interested in metaphysics, quantum mechanics and Eastern philosophies while furthering her spiritual development through yoga and magick rituals.


ANTEBELLUM with have artist~ SCARLETT ROUGE as guest yogi for the next two sunday's.

if you want an incredible yoga workout, plan to attend~


our guest yogi~ scarlett rouge

~two sessions~

September 12th, 10:30am: Yoga with Rouge ~$15
September 19th, 10:30am: Yoga with Rouge ~$15

BYOM, (bring your own matt)
tea will be served after class in the antebellum tea garden

(2 hour parking for $4 available @ classic parking across the street)

1643 n las palmas ave
hollywood, ca 90028
323 856-0667



another dream come true... after all these years, i will be hosting my first formal afternoon tea salon.

as you well know, i am a man of many fetishes and tea just may be at the top of my list at this point in my life.

so all you fellow tea enthusiasts~ please join me~

ANTEBELLUM presents~


with your host~ RICK CASTRO

please join us for an exclusive high tea salon

sunday~ september 12th
2:30pm till 5:30pm

$10 cream tea, (includes tea, scone, jams & clotted cream)

$30 afternoon tea, (includes full tea service with all the trimmings~
tea, finger sandwiches, soup or salad, scone, jams, clotted cream, deserts, cakes & dainties)

300 varieties of tea to choose from~
tea sandwiches, soups, salads, deserts, scones, cakes & dainties
champagne & wine list also available



1738 N. ORANGE DR.
323 871-2262
located inside the hollywood/highland complex

(next to the kodak theater, behind grauman's chinese theater)
parking validations available- underground- $2 for 4 hours.

reservations encouraged

for more info~

check out antebellum's new line of tea~


photo by- Emiliano Lazzarotto


THE SCREAMERS & CRAZY SHELIA. live @ the whiskey- circa 1979. i was in the front row.. i remember this performance like it was yesterday.



(my art booth featured my photo- gaffers tape sleep sack)

West Coast Rubber and Stockroom.com held the first annual Gear Show September 3 at Syren/Stockroom on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. I was invited by LOREN BERTHELSEN to have a art table for ANTEBELLUM, featuring some of my rubber images to go with the evening.

the event was a rubber kink's wet dream come true~ great, sexy crowd, house bar and a rubber fashion show coordinated by
EDDIE HIBBS. the show featured the newest in kinkwear from SYREN and JT's STOCKROOM, including the brand new rubber pig masks .

All photos by Star Foreman.


today my dolls of neighbors and, "cutest~boys~in~the~world"-
MARCO MORENTE & CHRIS PASILA celebrated their 10th anniversary!!

can you image?? they must have gotten together when they were 10 years old! happy day my boys!


before heather cassils, before melissa, ellen & samatha, hell even somewhat before and during joan jett, there was

kari was/is an icon and living legend, and one of the androgynous beauties we've read so much about.

here's an interview conducted by my "sister" ALICE BAG back in 2005

1. What was/is your contribution to the punk community?

I started an all-girl band called The Runaways, who I wrote songs for. They weren’t really punk,
but they weren’t "rawk" either. They sort of fell in that weird netherworld that was allowed to exist
at the time, despite all the bitching of how awful things were in the music business. I’m still
amazed they even got a deal.
But really my best work was to be a glorious example of what NOT to do with your life. Ha Ha.

(photo by ivy ney- who will have her photo exhibit @ antebellum gallery during January 2011)

2. Which artist, band concert and/or show had the most impact on your life?

Well... I don’t know, that's a tough one, there's so many.

I saw the New York Dolls when I was a kid and Iggy at Rodney Bingenheimer’s, they made a big
impression. I was 13 and watching Iggy carve his chest up. Johnny Thunders stomping around in
fringed cowboy chaps, and Arthur Kane barfed on me. What can I tell you? Everything else after
that pales by comparison. Punk filled the void.

The Screamers were very dramatic. I saw them at the Whiskey on acid once, and I never looked
at things the same after that. Thank you, Tomata. And I must admit that spending an evening
with Black Randy and listening to him expound on the meaning of life was an eye opener. You
just can’t get that kinda advice in the real world.

It’s always been about glam and punk for me and always will be. Nothing’s changed. When I’m
80, I'll be on the bus: confused, covered in cat fur, but I bet I'll be able to quote you the words to
“Rebel Rebel.”

3. What was the role of women in the early punk scene?

Women in punk didn’t have a role, they ran the ship. I never saw so many ballsy, scary women in
my life! I think all that changed when the jarheads invaded the scene.

4. What is the legacy of punk in your life?

The legacy of punk in my life? That would have to be Iggy and Buzzcocks songs for TV
commercials. I’m not sure I even understand this question.

5. What are you listening to now?

Right now I’m listening to: The Troggs-Hits and B-sides
Glitter From The Litter Bin (glam comp)
Best of Tommy Roe
The Delays-Faded Seaside Glamour
The Pretty Things-Parachute
Milk and Cookies reissue
Beach Boys Pet Sounds Box set (yes, all of it)

6. Do you have any funny or interesting stories to share?

I have many funny stories to share. If I told all of them, everybody would be mad at me.
Once, I tried to kiss Alice Bag while she was in her car and she rolled the window up on me.
She was like, "Buzz off, Junior!" Ha!
Alice responds: “I did not ever roll up the window on you. I don't believe it!!”
Kari responds: “Yes, you did!”

7. Are there any punk women from the early scene that you feel have not been been
adequately recognized?

I would like to hear from Sheila, Cheri the Penguin, Hellin and Trudi, Loretta A, Trixie, etc...all
those fabulous dangerous dolls that made the scene so crazy and fun. Where are they now?
Where is everybody???!!

8. What is something we should know about you that we probably don't know?

I am a closet AM radio bubblegum fan, and I like older women, especially if they got big butts.
Over and out.

(kari krome with the equally iconic- ivonne perez)

Kari added this P.S.: Well, I just realized that everybody probably already knows that I like older
women and big butts, so that’s a stupid answer. I should probably tell ya something ya don’t
know right? doh. O.K.-so I opt for the AM radio closet bubblegum freak, that's good. I would also
like to say ahem: that I am clean and sober for almost 10 years. I don’t smoke, I don’t eat meat, I
don’t eat dairy, only organic food, I no longer put crap chemicals in my body, and that means
toiletries, cosmetics, etc too. I refuse to have immunization shots, and threw out my TV, cause it’s
all lies and propaganda.

I am a happier person because of it.

( i would like to add my embarrassing little tidbit.... one night back in 1980?- I was out on the town with kari krome, kathy jung and liza cruz. I leaned over to kari and said, "if you're ever interested to have sex with a guy, let me know."
i don't think she would remember this.. we were both looped) -

posting by rick castro~ antebellum editor