AS OF JANUARY~ 11TH~ 2013~ 8:30PM


jan 8th~ 2013
jemez springs is loaded with hot springs.. there is spence springs located off the hwy. i was there way back in 1986 when i used to work for art photographer ~ joel peter witkin. 

joel lived in Albuquerque so i would visit often. on new years eve 1986, kenny chavez, (who also worked for witkin) took me and my BF at the time~ bobby faris~ to this hot springs. kenny wanted to scatter the ashes of his dead BF~ john and said this was john's  favorite place. kenny drove us up the mountain thru jemez springs, (which i didn't know at the time) dark winter road. 
it was cold and lightly snowing.  as we were in reservation area there was an indian on the road hitchhiking.. just like in the movies. much to my surprise kenny pulled over and picked him up. being from a big city i freaked a bit. "kenny how can you pick up a total stranger?" do you want us to be hacked to pieces?" i said. "we're in new mexico," kenny replied. "it's the neighborly thing to do." 
the indian got in the backseat with bobby, grateful that we had picked him up. "where you going," asked kenny. 
"to the bar," said the indian." i wanna get me a drink and score some pussy!" he was already very drunk. "where you guys going?" he asked. 
"you boys gonna score some pussy too?" "naw," replied kenny. "we're gay." "what?!" the indian said in shock... "you guys are queers?"
 "yes we are," kenny replied proudly. "fuckin A, man.. fucking A.. I got into a car with a bunch of faggots!" you're a fag?" he asked bobby without any reservation. "yes i am," replied bobby with a grin." "he's my boyfriend," bobby pointed to me. " you're a fag?!" the indian said to me." i just nodded with a frown on my face. i wasn't amused by this exchange. "fuckin A," he went into a tirade. " i got picked up by a bunch of fuckin faggots. fuckin A. i never met no faggots before. " i knew a "lizzie, (SIC)" once, but never any faggots.
" so......... do you guys wanna fuck  me?" he said with full candor. "no we don't , "we all said in unison.  we ended up dropping him off at los ojos bar.
27 years later i am staying with raymond at his home in jemez springs, and he works at the los ojos bar... "fuckin A!


for antebellum's fetish book club we are reading~ oscar wilde~ THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY and also joris~karl huysmans~ AGAINST NATURE. there is a very interesting.surprising connection.
read these two titles and join us on jan 20th~ 1pm... here's the info~

 what better location to read than in raymond sandoval's studio accompanied by his huskie~ kai. he loves when i read to him.. kai is a big strapping male husky but he's kind of a queen... kai reminds me of that  queenie contestant~ jason brock~ from x~factor~



(this is a photo raymond took of ernie the day before i got to jemez)

7am~ ernie presented himself this morning. raymond woke me to tell me this news and it took awhile for it to sink in.. "ernie is in the front yard." rick, ernie is in the front yard, " said raymond softly. also like he was in my dream. "oh really," i mustered still asleep and stumbled to the front window. there he was majestic, big, regal. he was in the middle of raymond front yard patched with frozen snow eating dead grass. he looked like a spirit in the dark grey morning. like a phantom. his body was big and blue/grey in color. his legs were black. he was stoic. i ran for my camera, but could not remember where i left it the night before. i tripped around the living room feebly looking for it... finally finding it in the bedroom. i went to the front window and took aim. he was moving so slowly. i shot and the camera light read~"no card" oh where did i leave that card.. in my backpack.... where the fuck was that  backpack?? ok here it is... trying to  get the card in... there goes ernie walking ever so slowly into the next meadow and down to the river. i miss him entirely.



today is BOWIE'S birthday~ he is 66.....
 David Bowie is to release his first album in nearly a decade. The Next Day, his 30th studio recording, is out in March (8 in Australia, 11 in the rest of the world bar the U.S., where it's out on March 12), and is preceded by a single that you can hear right now

Check out the album's tracklist, and watch the video for "Where Are We Now?" below. (It's available to purchase on iTunes now too.) Bowie turns 66 years old today.