pic of my friend lauren pine's horsey noa and his new GF. lauren says she loves him and she is only slightly bigger than the pig kaos from rita dean gallery.



here's a real SAUSAGE FEST!

photos courtesy- JOACHIM BALDUF


the april flores xxx-toy show- opening night was allot of fun!

the exhibit included 21 artists creating their interpretation of april flores's vagina. april is the very popular BBW, (big beautiful women) porn star. so popular they have created a sex toy likeness of her vagina! this is the BBW's equivalent to the jeff striker dildo of the 1980s.

the exhibition was an incredible combination of art, porn, fetish, sex and creativity all being brought to the mainstream. an ideal event for antebellum. antebellum brings fetish to the mainstream.
check out opening night pics-

if you were not lucky enough to be invited to the opening party, you can check out the show thru december 19th.



photo by nic berger.

photo courtesy- boots bryant

the kinky camera club was so much fun last sunday. we finished off 2009 with our guest model- MARCIO REMIAO.
he is sexy as all hell and promises to model for us again next year. here are some pics from various members-

photos- miguel reyes

photos- nick berger

the KINKY CAMERA CLUB is a monthly salon @ antebellum gallery. based on the camera clubs created by fetish-photographer-ledgend- IRVING KLAW in the 1950's. mr. klaw discovered bettie page who was a regular model for his camera club.
at the time this type of photography was illegal.

antebellum gallery owner RICK CASTRO has brought back the camera club as a tribute to mr. klaw & miss page, updating and homoerotizing the idea. castro is celebrating the idea of fetish as art, nude models and erotic photography without the constraints and fears of yesteryear.

model marcio remiao turn the camera on the members of kinky camera club- december 13th, 2009

to become a member of the KINKY CAMERA CLUB, please contact


and here's a sexy little pin-up for your courtesy- GREGORY PRESCOTT


here's a little boot fetish scene to brighten your holidays.

courtesy of - NICHOLAS WAGNER




antebellum artist RENFIELD and i were chatting the other day and he brought up silent screen actor- conrad veidt. i became inspired so here is a little tribute/posting about the life of conrad veidt.
Conrad Veidt (22 January 1893 - 3 April 1943)
He was born Hans Walter Conrad Weidt in a working-class district of Berlin, Germany. (Some biographies wrongly state that he was born in Potsdam, probably on the basis of an early claim on his part.) From 1916 until his death, he appeared in well over 100 movies.

He appeared in two of the most well-known films of the silent era: as a murderous somnambulist in director Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) with Werner Krauss and Lil Dagover and as a disfigured circus performer in The Man Who Laughs (1928). According to the Los Angeles Times, "Conrad Veidt starred in this semi-silent film based on Victor Hugo's novel in which the son of a lord is punished for his father's disrespect to the king by having his face carved into a permanent grin."

Veidt also appeared in Magnus Hirschfeld's pioneering gay rights film Anders als die Andern (Different from the Others 1919), in which he played what is probably the first gay character written especially for the cinema, and in Das Land ohne Frauen (1929), Germany's first talking picture.

Veidt fervently opposed the Nazi regime, motivating him to emigrate from Germany in 1933 a week after marrying Illona Prager, a Jewish woman. He settled in the United Kingdom and became a British citizen in 1938.
He continued making films in Britain, notably three with director Michael Powell: The Spy in Black (1939), Contraband (1940) and The Thief of Bagdad (1940).

In the 1940s he moved to Hollywood, California, and starred in a few films, such as Nazi Agent (1942), in which he had a dual role as a Nazi and as the Nazi's twin brother, but his best remembered role was as Major Heinrich Strasser in Casablanca (1942).
He died suddenly of a heart attack a year later while playing golf in Los Angeles. In 1998, his ashes were were interred at the Golders Green Crematorium in London.

It's been reported that Veidt identified himself as Jewish on Nazi questionnaires as an act of protest.