(ouija board table @ hotel congress)

december 30th~ 6:45amish
this time i really am up @ the crack of dawn.
hotel congress is so fantastic! last night i have duck tacos from the cafe with a cup of earl grey tea.
the hotel has 4 different bars, all of them open and full of people having fun.

this morning i am in the congress cafe having breakfast. the food is soo good... and cheap.
i'm chatting with my longtime friend "penny" online. a family sits across the way from me. they have two kids. the kids are cute but loud. why are children always so loud these days? when i was a kid i was very quiet. the father is somewhat good looking.. if i didn't know any better i would say he is checking me out.... wait... he is checking me out.... i think he's a closet. i tell penny who says to
"go for it."  i  don't have the time to waste with a closeted husband. as they leave i come to the conclusion that the wife knows. or perhaps she is gay as well.. it's hard to tell in the southwest. all the women look like lesbians.

they have so many people working here and everyone is sweet... and cutes.
I check out of my room.. the dreamy clerk is working this morning. he is sweet as pie and shy as a mouse. he knows i want him.. i make him nervous. he is sooo polite. his name is peter. i will make sure he gets a raise.

i'm on the road headed east in arizona.. i used to love this area until jan brewer became governor.. i think she will be recalled. she is the pits... the locals call her, "cunt face."

wow.. i just spotted gas for $3.05 a gallon! i pulled over and filled up.

more to come....

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