652 N. LaPeer Drive, West Hollywood, California USA
Owner: Scott Forbes

DJs:Frank Del Rio,Tim Zerr

West Hollywood's Studio One was a HOT club for many years, had the best Halloween parties,
sponsored the first Gay Night parties at Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain. Staff ran around in tight satin short shorts. The Backlot was a show room where all the celebrities came for dinner shows. One of the pioneers of disco light shows in the dance room. The Pegasus winged horse and Studio One surrounded by a circle of stars were its symbols.

MDA, poppers, fog and strobe lights to Giorgio Moroder's "From Here to Eternity" or Donna Summer's " I Feel Love" or the Village People singing about Studio One in their San Francisco/Hollywood song(s) or being witness to Sylvester's many live performances....those were the days!!
This latest generation doesn't even have a clue about what a special magical era they missed. It will never be duplicated!

No too many people know this; and Heaven knows, I'm very seldom given credit for it....
but some years ago (37, to be exact) I put together a little nightclub here, in West Hollywood.

In truth, it was by no means little. It was a whole city block long, that housed 14 bars, a disco, a game room, a show room
(The Backlot,) and a lounge, among other things... from time to time.

(studio one- circa- 1980)

(studio one- circa- 1988)

(studio one- circa- 1990)

STUDIO ONE had been a camera factory, a munitions factory,
and, at one time, was even known as, The Factory; a club that was put together by several big stars (Paul Newman, being one.)
This time out, I had nine investors, asking me to assemble, not only the club, but the staff, as well. It was a daunting job, to say the least.

(the campers- studio one- backlot- circa- 1981)

The first bartender I hired was a fellow by the name of, Gary Mortimer. A most excellent bartender.
I had lunch with Gary this afternoon; and I have to say, I feel so honoured, that after ALL these years, someone who worked for me would want to get together and 'break bread.'

Here is a picture of Gary when I first hired him. Any wonder that he did very well in tips?

(stuido one bartender- gary mortimer- circa 1974)

reposted by Christopher Riordan- west hollywood/antebellum corespondent

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