i've been having this ongoing debate with my bremen, (germany) corespondent- JAN KLESSE. he thinks the Beatles are the best thing since butter, i on the other-hand think they are responsible for the disintegration of music and music writing... if it was not for the Beatles we would not have to deal with the tragic- Walmart-commodities like- madonna, Britney and all that ilk. sometimes our debate can get very heated.. we are both passionately firm in our opinions. to prove to jan that I COULD WRITE LYRICS JUST AS GOOD AS THE BEATLES, i sent him something off the cuff.... much to my dismay he created a song! so here my dear antebellumblog readers i give you- RICK CASTRO & JAN KLEESE's FIRST SONG TOGETHER~ Oui Oui Oui by TheLoin what do you think???? are we the new john & paul of the 21st century!?
(jan kleese- crying on-top john lennon's star- hollywood- photo by me- rick castro, (see my hands in the photo? this is on purpose)

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  1. Catchy tune. the song things looks like a hairy penis, or is it just me?