November 30 at 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

The ashes of those cremated in 2013 and who remain unclaimed after three years will be buried in one mass grave this November. A ceremony remembering the unclaimed people will take place -

 10:30 AM
 November 30, 2015 
 L.A. County Cemetery
 3301 E. 1st St.

 Boyle Heights. 90063

1,428 people who died in Los Angeles in 2011, were cremated by the county and were still unclaimed were buried in a mass grave last December 2014. Of these unclaimed dead, most had names and birthdays and genders, but there were eight John and Jane Does. There were 137 babies, some of them stillborns. There are 622 people who were over 65 years old. Sixteen were homicides. 

There were nearly twice as many unclaimed men as women: 853 men and 436 women.

1,464 unclaimed individuals were buried in December 2013, and 1,656 were buried together in 2012.

For the first time, the unclaimed dead of 2011 were digitalized into a searchable database (http://spreadsheets.latimes.com/unclaimed-dead/). 

To claim the ashes of an unclaimed person, call the L.A. County Morgue at (323) 409-7161. 

All the names of unclaimed dead will eventually be online, according to Andrew Veis, assistant press deputy for County Supervisor Don Knabe. An additional resources for identifying unclaimed persons is this volunteer service http://unclaimedpersons.org/, an online group of about 600 volunteers who scour public records for possible family.

Traditionally this has been a sparsely attended ceremony, usually just a few County employees, some clergy and media, and a few observers.

More on LA County's unclaimed and indigent dead

About the LA Times story http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-c1-unclaimed-dead-reporting-20141108-story.html

2013 mass burial

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