Angel Face 
 The drama, filmed on location in Beverly Hills, California
features Robert Mitchum and Jean Simmons.
"Preminger transforms a second rate James M. Cain murder plot,
 re-orchestrating this textbook tale of passion and murder into a haunting and haunted refrain. 
The by then clich├ęd story line is pared away and brought down to an elemental level -- 
there is not a wasted scene in the film — 
and the story's familiarity breeds an aftertaste of inevitability and doom. 
The hallucinogenic nature of the proceedings is accented with Preminger's direction and camerawork, having actors drift from foreground to background or having the camera track to fluid and suffocating close-ups. Preminger, ever the mesmerizer, weaves his style into a half-dreamt haze of nightmare."
It was also named by critic Robin Wood as one of his top 10 films, shortly before his death.
In 1963, Jean-Luc Godard named it the 8th best American Sound film

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