antebellum artist~ ROBERT OPPEL, (nephew of  anarchist artist legend~ robert opel) is saving lives.. literally. he is his report from africa~

CCC’s Photojournalist, Robert Oppel’s Viewpoint on Langata Women’s Clinic.

Langata women’s clinic serves the female community of the Kibera slum and also the women prisoners.  The clinic is located just beyond the confines of the largest slum in Africa, home to nearly a million people and it’s guarded entrance provides women of the community an easy and secure access to healthcare. Some women commit petty crimes knowing they will receive healthcare such as HIV positive women who are essentially made homeless because they were outcast from their community and women knowing they were pregnant.

One woman in particular, who manufactures her own unique and colorful clothing, found out about the “see and treat” program from a friend of her’s who happened to be a guard at the clinic. What was most impressive about the clinic was the range of women that were served. Hardworking women from surrounding areas, guards and staff members, and even prisoners themselves were all cared for equally without judgement.
I was affected most by the women prisoners who faced lengthy sentences for crimes they simply committed for getting medical attention. It was great to see them receive treatment but heartbreaking to know what they had to return to. I’m grateful I was able to sit with them and comfort them before and after screening.
repost courtesy~  Robert Oppel~ antebellum artist

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