* I've know Stuart Timmons since he was a handsome young man way back in 1981. He was bright and eager. you never know what direction a person's life may go.
  |  Author, historian, gay activist Stuart Timmons died Saturday morning at the Serrano North Convalescent Hospital in Hollywood, just two weeks after his 60th birthday on Jan. 14. Apparently he developed breathing problems and his heart stopped, according to an email sent to friends by his sister Gay Timmons.
Timmons suffered a debilitating stroke 9 years ago but had been active in the West Hollywood and Silver Lake gay communities over the past four years. Recently he was back in the hospital, receiving visitors. “Keep the smiles coming by visiting Stuart Timmons!
He’s still glowing from his recent 60th birthday and excited to talk to visitors about history, how rebellion’s work – and looking forward to the 3rd year of his WeHo LGBTQ History Tour special event happening on June 3rd!,” Jason Jen wrote Jan. 24 on his Instagram page.

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