So a rundown so far:
(1) Chief White House Strategist: Steve Bannon, a racist and anti-Semite and leader of the "alt-right" movement i.e. American fascist movement circa 2016

(2) National Security Adviser: Gen. Michael Flynn: both an Islamophobe and an anti-Semite (based on his Twitter account) - which is a neat trick only a true Trump loyalist could pull off. Also a Putin toady - like Trump himself - who has appeared as an "expert" on RT, the Russian English-language news channel that is run by the Russian government. He is a made-man in Putin's expanding global political reach - which I guess goes a long way in explaining how one could be both an Islamophobe and an anti-Semite. Flynn, after being forced out of the Pentagon for his chaotic management style, founded a consultancy, the Flynn Intel Group. In September, the company registered to lobby Congress for a Dutch company, Innovo BV, that is owned and operated by a Turkish businessman who holds a top position on Turkey's Foreign Economic Relations Board. On Election Day, Flynn authored an op-ed in the Hill, a Washington newspaper, in which he lambasted Fethullah G├╝len, a Turkish cleric residing in Pennsylvania who is blamed by the Turkish government for fomenting a July coup attempt there.

(3) Attorney General: Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama - an enemy of every civil rights bill ever passed or that ever came his way. A racist, a homophobe and virulently against a woman's right-to-choose. A proponent of voter suppression laws. A corporatist and a toady for every powerful interest in the halls of government. From an African American man and an African American woman as Attorney General to this rabidly right-wing old-school white "racialist" Alabaman as we are instructed to call racists these days. 

(4) Head of the CIA: A Tea Party stalwart, Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas. An Islamophobe and virulently anti-Iran. One of the House members who banged away at the Benghazi conspiracy theories. A big believer in Big Brother.

(5) White House Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus. Chairman of the RNC. Collaborator. He will organizationally make the fascist trains run on time - as he did during the racist, fascistic campaign that brought this all about. 
This shit show just gets shittier. I am not being an alarmist. These are the building blocks for a new Fascist Order which is being constructed piece-by-piece by putting racists and the rabid-right Trump loyalists into positions of authority to wield immense power of us.
 Speak out. Organize. Resist.

repost- courtesy- Kevin Sessums

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