passion was high during the Q&A after the AFI screening of TALES OF THE GRIM SLEEPER, the latest documentary by nick bloomfield. over the years bloomfield has made quite a name for himself with controversial subjects like aileen wuornos, cortney love and heidi fliess. 

this subject~ accused serial killer~ LONNIE FRANKLIN hits home with injustice that plagues los angeles, in particular south los angeles. somehow the killings went on for 25 years with victims close to 100! where else would a serial killer be able to go on for so long? the filmmakers were able to find and interview 5 women that escaped their death, yet the police didn't interview any of them. the police and mayor did however hold a PR press conference when franklin was apprehended 25 years later, each official thanking another for, "all the hard work." that is until Margaret Prescod, of the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders, interrupts and takes the mic. margaret tells it like it is and actually is not physically removed before she states her eloquent message.

this doco has so much information about  community struggles, poverty, racial inequality and raw parts of los angeles. this is all in the film.  the real intensity started after the film during the Q&A.
 when was the last time you were in a multi-cultural group consisting of citizens poor & rich, filmmakers, lawyers, industry professionals, hipsters, ex-crackheads, ex-prostitutes,  film buffs, murder survivors and the families of victims having a chat?!...... i would say never. 
a riveting experience.

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