antebellum's annual~
was a somber evening of decadence & delights.
memorializing the 114th year of the passing of our late, great literary icon~  this year we presented one day early, (nov 29th)  to accommodate the hollywood parade.

co~ presented by the purple circuit, our lavish evening included readings connecting wilde's writings of picture of dorian gray, to french writer~ Joris-Karl Huysmans~  against the grain.  It is widely believed that À rebours, (against the grain)  is the "poisonous French novel" that leads to the downfall of Dorian Gray in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. The book's plot is said to have dominated the action of Dorian, causing him to live an amoral life of sin and hedonism. 
a rebours, (1884); translated~ against  nature or against the grain is considered the ultimate example of "decadent literature" ushering in the late 1800's "age of decadence." 
after the readings playwright robert patrick wooed us with his original song~ "narcissist."
i served our wildeans~ 
assam tea with rosebuds
accompanied by a lite fare of 
"little green" grapes
chocolate & pistachio cookies
raw cocoa
chocolate covered hemps seeds 
  mini "digestives" biscuits
rick owens silver chalice mints
to bring our salon to the excess of decay~ antebellum's anti~hero~ bartender "jeffrey dahmer" conjured the "little green fairy," with our absinthe bar. 

to recount the evening @ antebellum~ the rituals of joy and grief had become so ornate as to verge on decadent.

photos courtesy~ robert patrick~ los angeles/antebellum correspondent

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