In the Galleries: Ceramics and Perversity

Art imp Rick Castro contrasts the rubber-encased ceramics of Richard Ankrom and the 'Xeroxed' photos of Josef Jasso in an exhibit both sweet and tart.


AUGUST 08 2014 4:01 AM ET

Rick Castro's Antebellum Gallery, just off the cool end of Hollywood Boulevard, is sketchy in the good way. Like you may meet some scruffy pulchritude as well as enjoy some visual wit. That's why there is a five-buck cover and a no-host bar. So you can appreciate the art better.

The word "xerox" is used as a synonym for "photocopy" (both as a noun and a verb) — for example, "I xeroxed the document and placed it on your desk." Though this is common, the company does not condone such use of its trademark and is particularly concerned about the ongoing use of Xerox as a verb. Antebellum artist Josef Jasso treats xerox like a verb in creating these beautiful "xeroxed" images.
Los Angeles artist Richard Ankrom uses found ceramic figurines, encasing their heads in rubber fetish hoods.

Opening night is August 16 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Check out the site for more info.
all ceramic figurines encased with rubber hoods~ RICHARD ANKROM
all xeroxed photography~ JOSEF JASSO

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