a cute as a button 19yr old boy decided to ride the local SF bus in the nude.
The incident happened at about 2 p.m. on a 1 California bus at Presidio Avenue.
Police said the driver stopped the bus and evacuated riders -- including children -- after the 19-year-old passenger stripped down to his shoes with just a sock covering his genitals.
He told observers that what he was doing was legal because he was sufficiently covered.
When asked if he would come off the bus, the man replied, "No, if I come off the bus the operator's gonna come on and leave and I wanna get this sorted out."
The young man eventually put his clothes back on and joined other passengers on another bus.
Muni said the man has visited their offices at least twice seeking guidance on how little he's allowed to wear in public.
he sounds like a thoughtful concerned citizen to me.

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