anti~gay marriage advocate and the main face for "traditional marriage" ~ NOW, (national orgainzation for marriage) spokesperson maggie Gallagher is calling it quits. she knows she is on the wrong side of history and her fight is un~winnable. this minimal posting is historic because it shows the date the tide turned irreversibly and gay marriage will become the norm in america.

read this posting on her blog and weep.... with joy!~
A friend asked me, after reading my last interview with HuffPo, “So are you really stepping down from the marriage and religious liberty fight?”
No, I told him.  Sorry if it sounded like that.  What I am advocating doing is three very big, and very hard things: a) accepting where we are and b) learning from what we did not succeed in so that we can get to c) how do we build anew?
Right now most people who believe in the classic understanding of marriage are in shock, they are awed by the powers now shutting down the debate and by our ineffectualness at responding to these developments.
The temptation to shout and yell and stamp our feet in ineffectual ridiculousness is understandable, but it is to be resisted.
The version of America we were born into is no more. For the first time in American history being a faithful Christian (or Jew or Muslim) now calls into question in the public square in a new way one’s good citizenship.
Well, yes.  Now what?
I headlined this essay “Cooper, Mozilla, and Arizona” because each of these recent public news events highlights one feature of the challenge before us, and what we need to build to respond.
The rapid collapse of opposition to gay marriage we are witnessing did not just happen, and it was not inevitable. But it is.
The question now on the table is: will orthodox Christianity (and other traditional faiths), be stigmatized and marginalized as the equivalent of racism in the American public square?  Will Biblical morality be wiped out as an acceptable public position in America?

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