this morning raymond made me the best breakfast i have ever had in my entire life-
an omelet with yellow squash, grown in his garden and two kinds of cheeses, home made red chili and homemade, thick flour tortilla's. raymond is the best cook! i don't understand why he won't marry me? i made the tea. a black indian tea raymond had that i mixed with my own cinnamon, cardamon and clove. his little dog follows us everywhere. raymond grows all his own vegetables & herbs.

we then pack up all our wears and make our way to the kinky weekend events.

we're now @ the RIO GRANDE LEATHER WEEKEND event. we are one of the first to check in.. there seems to be a mix up with the rooms so we were put into the room that some female dom was supposed to have. she then shows up and demands her room back so we move next door to #149.

i'm very pleased will our display. raymond has his art on the back wall display and i have my books, portfolios and antebellum tea on the tables that we cover with a nude fireman table cloth. this belongs to raymond.

this guy comes in and tells me that a friend of his from belgium sent my book- 13 YEARS OF BONDAGE to him as a present awhile ago. he is thrilled to meet me. he is also good friend's with one of the guys from my group photo called- CALIGULA'S HOUSE PARTY- 1989. it's a shot i did at the SF MR. DRUMMER CONTEST of that year. he says his friend who was a leather contestant is now living in vancouver, bc married to a woman who is a lesbian. " well, that's life, " i respond. he then introduces us to his wife, a black woman who is MISTRESS SERENE- MS LEATHER 2010. she is very cool and we all hit it off immediately.
off the bat i sell one of raymond's barnwood pieces. he is very happy. off to a good start.

(i brought my antebellum line of teas)

around 8pm there is a CIGAR & BOOTS party in the courtyard just off our room #149. it's allot of fun. 3 bootblacks and a funny crowd in all different shapes & sizes wear various versions of their fave kinks. i buy cigars for raymond and i. there is nothing like a good cigar! the smell is an aphrodisiac for me, i also love the visual.
raymond wear his paper mache skull-head. he looks great.

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