a 19 year old feral wolf that rescued from Idaho 8 years ago. 
She was struggling with some minor health issues that were destroying her quality of life, 
one of which was 2" claws that needed to be clipped, because they were making it difficult and painful for her to walk. Since she is also quite feral, the stress she would have had to endure if we addressed her health issues without sedation could have killed her 
(heart attack), not to mention that she can still deliver a nasty bite. 
We had to tranquilize her, knowing that due to her age, she may not wake up. So, we decided to go ahead and tranquilizer her with the understanding that if she didn't wake up, at least we knew she had a good life here and would no longer be suffering. 
Unfortunately, Jezebel didn't wake up; her heart stopped beating and she 
stopped breathing for over a minute; she "was" gone. 
watch here as Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary Co-founder Debra Debra Hunley Knight performs CPR on Jezebel and brings her back to life.

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