(photo- josef jasso)

on feb 14th- valentine's day @ 7:30 in the morning i was attacked while waiting for the train at my usual station- hollywood & western- red line.
i won't go into the gory details here, except to say i did not know this person, had no beef with him. he was crazy. he randomly chose to attack me. 
I  want to be clear~ i was not a victim. i defended myself and fought back.
 if i hadn't i would be dead or severely injured. 
during the fight i re-injured my leg.  some of you may not know this, but i have a permanent leg injury from a bike accident  dating way back to 1998.

FYI- METRO LA is set up in such a way that there is no security from living people on any platforms. they only have cameras & emergency call buttons.

i was finally able to get away by  jumping on the train and not allowing him to board.
 after the attack i hobbled up to the vine street station ground level where the LA marathon was now going on full force.
i limped over to a group of three militarized policemen, (vest, guns, weapon heavy, ready for a war) and told them i had just been attacked.  the one short cop was busy chatting up a girl. he seemed plucked that i'd interrupted his vibe. the girl immediately walked away.
 the three cops then looked at me blanking and said," will you come to the side of the street."
 i told them, "i don't think  i can walk."
 they said, "If you want us to help you need to come to the side of the street." 
apparently they didn't want to disturb the marathon.
at this point i could no longer stand and sat/fell down on a planter with rounded spikes, 
this is a deterrent for people to sit. LA doesn't like people to linger anywhere in public.

"ok" said one cop, tell us what happened." as i told them the events they looked sorta bewildered at me, like the didn't really believe me. they keep asking me the same questions over & over,
 to see if i would have the same answer. it was more like an interrogation.
after awhile the one cop said to me once again, 
" if you want help you need to come over to the side of the street." 
 totally worn-down i replied, "ok, where?." 
so i limped over to the side street of argyle off hollywood blvd to a public bench in front of a police van. how was this any different than where i was before?... i was now hidden from the crowd enjoying the marathon.

the cop asked me three times where the attack took place. 
three times i told him hollywood & western station. 
at one point he responded, " hollywood & Wilshire?" 
BTW-  there is no hollywood & wilshire.

 i finally said, " look you need to send someone over to that station.. 
if he attacked me he will attack other people."
 oh we already did that" he replied.
 i never saw him make any call, take out any device or direct another cop to check it out. 
the other two cops had already lost interest in my story and went back to watching the marathon. 
the cop that stayed with me asked me where i lived. i told him off western ave to which he replied,
 " are you homeless?"   (it's hard to be looking pristine when you've just been attacked)
 he then said, "you look like you already have physical issues. are those orthopedic shoes?"
 i was wearing rick owens sandal/boots.

 the cop said, "well what do you want us to do for you? do you want paramedics. "
i said "yes, and can i please have some water?"
the cop said "i cant give you water, i'm not a paramedic."
 he then made me repeat the entire incident and he wrote down little notes on a pad.
 not a formal police report, just a basic note pad. 
the cop asked me to sign it which i did. he then examined my signature. 
i could see he only wrote the most minimal notes.. little chicken scratches really. 

4 times i begged for water. 4 times the cops said the paramedics would come soon.
 after a long while i saw a golf cart type vehicle with a red cross on the side. 
i asked, " is that the paramedic?"
"no, they're only for the marathon," said the cop. 
 however they did come over to where i was and the cop briefly explained to them what happened. 
the medic looked at me blankly and said,
 "well there's not much we can do. what is it that you want us to do for you?"
 " i said, " can i have some water?"
 the medic said, "yeah we'll get you some water in due time, but our priority is with the marathon." 
i just shook my head and said, "forget it. i will help myself." i then started to hobble away..
"sir, sir, said the cop.. don't leave... sir.. 
" look i said, I've asked you guys for water 5 times, you say you've called the paramedics and nobody comes. you've made it clear your priority is the marathon... 
i'm in total pain so i'm gonna go and help myself. "
i clung to the side of the building, barely making it to the W hotel valet parking where i collapsed onto a  black cushioned bench where guests wait for their cars.

the treatment by the cops and authority figures was in a way worst than the guy that attacked me, because they are public servants. they get paid to look after the public and are supposed to be on the ready in case of an emergency. 
cops acted like i was not an emergency, but a nuisance.  
when i was being attacked NOBODY including a metro employee did ANYTHING to help me. people were plugged into their devices and acted like nothing was happening. 
i'm sorry to say the zombie apocalypse has definitely taken over hollywood.
 people are disconnected and disassociated. 
so i hobbled away to try and help myself.

 from then on, the people that came to my aid were my artists.... 
i called my friend  GEORGE REGOUT who gallantly tried to book me an uber.
 i contacted my friend and doorman JEFF CORLEY who immediately went online, bought me crutches and brought them to  the gallery, (he lives in Tustin)
 i called my artist JAY MOYES. he and his wife SHARI came to the gallery immediately~
 bandaging my leg.. getting me pain killers and settling my nerves. 
PTSD had set in hard. 
my artist DAVID CROCKER and  GEORGE REGOUT took over the organizing & hosting 
of the opening for valentines show that evening. 
my bartender  DE' EPHRAIM~MANUEL  came very early to clean up and set up.
i was then driven home by JAY MOYES.  
in the 10 years that i've had antebellum, this is the first opening i've missed. 
i was sent continuous updates and photos of the party as i watch at home on my laptop.  

i was now homebound
the following day GEORGE REGOUT brought me thai food. 
my  very longtime friend and artist ROY JOHNS  went shopping for me.
artist & antebellum crooner~ ROBERT PATRICK has brought me food, cheered me up with original songs, and even did my dishes!  
my longtimy friend~producer MICHAEL SHOEL,  ("mouse") went shopping for me and chose the groceries in such a loving way.
 my best friend KATE MCCONN drove me to the police station, (a complete waste of our time)
 and the ER. kate continuous to write numerous letters of complaint to the police department on my behalf. she is eloquent and tenacious in her correspondence.  
my longtime pal- RONALDO BOWINS brought me  groceries and a sympathetic ear. 
my friend since college- DANNY RIOS, (purse) brought me food,
 performance artist~ JEFF HUTCHISON, ( jeffery dahmer) brought me pizza. 
SRS SHARP immediately IMed me asking if i was all right and what could tom of finland do for me?
TOM OF FINLAND FOUNDATION held a fundraiser for me so i could pay the rent and overhead @ antebellum hollywood. 
curator RUBEN ESPARZA created this announcement and ran my art booth at the fundraiser.
i would like to state here for the record- something i've always known..  
antebellum hollywood has always relied on the kindness of artists.... and "the kindness of strangers."
the only thing you can rely on in this cold world is art. when i say artists that is not limited to people that paint or take a photograph. i'm talking about creative people. 
the people that are part of my life and antebellum hollywood~
 original thinkers who know how to make something from nothing..
 i've always believed that art heals all. now i know it as a fact. 
from the bottom of my little heart i thank all the artists in my life for all they create.

thank you for your generosity ~
for publicizing the benefit.

after march 9th i will resume regular gallery hours~
thursday thru saturday- 1pm till 7pm
SWEETHEARTS DANCE: ANTEBELLUM'S ANNUAL VALENTINE'S SHOW will be extended thru april 1st, 2016.

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  1. It's insane that you had to go through this. It's insane that there's no security at the Metro stations and that dangerous people are left to prey on people/ It's insane that the police aren't concerned with protecting and serving.
    I hope more people hear your story and those in charge feel shamed into making changes. Los Angeles can be a wonderful city. On February 14 it wasn't.
    You are strong. You are brave. You are powerful.
    Thanks for sharing your story. You are in my thoughts.