" tomorrow one of my all time favorite places The San Francisco Columbarium is doing a Harvey Milk day (Saturday May 23 at 1PM)... years ago they inaugurated Memorial niches to honor several late local heros including Harvey and this year they are upgrading Harvey to a larger niche... his old one was way up high and you had to crane to see it.... if you haven't gone to the Columbarium it is a real treat... a Victorian gem of a building with tableaus to the dead buried there (Cenitaphs) dating back to the turn of the Century... t

he notice said for more imformation or to RSVP call the Columbarium at 415-752-7891, but i am pretty sure you can just show up.... 

traditionally there are speeches and some musical passages by various artists... a very nice affair usually... and I have been helping with the decorating of the new niche even though I can't be there in person.... enjoy! (Just call me the Martha Stewart of the dead!) Long live the memory of Harvey Milk and all the ancestors surrounding his legacy.... 


repost courtesy~ danny nicoletta

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