a one~man trunk show by

~one night only~

no host bar
beautiful patio

Teufelsee is a little lake in the middle of the forest Grunewald, Berlin. 
It draws a wide range of people looking to bathe in the sun or swim in the water. 
Although "Teufelssee" means~ "Devil's Lake," it also like a "Garden of Eden." 

Young families bring their kids. Skinny full bearded hipsters lay around next to a couple of chubby skinheads, while lesbians kiss right next to a group of young men working to cure their hangovers. 
A full bodied tattooed mother breastfeeds her newborn child, while a middle-aged man snore in the sun. meanwhile, a couple of young teenager girls discuss their recent love affairs. 
Everybody is nude, relaxed and peacefully enjoying life. No restrictions exist. No aggressions occur. 

Teufelsee is a place where it is as if the soul of Berlin is breathing and one can feel how wide & open the heart of Berlin has become. 

kai teihert is an artist and sculpter living and working in berlin. he has exhibited throughout germany and  throughout europe .
 this is kai's first american solo exhibition.
please join us for this one~nigh~one~time only salon.

for more info~ antebellum@earthlink.net

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