who remembers FELIX CHEVROLET?

when i was a little boy i would beg my father to take me here, only because they had statues of FELIX THE CAT!  my dad would never take me here because he was a "ford man."
I used to watch that cartoon everyday after school. i loved felix and his bag of trix, the professor, rock bottom, even master cylinder- a robot.


after many months, if not years of begging, my dad finally relented and took me to felix chevrolet. although we did not get out of the car. we only did a drive by, because he was a "ford man."

well that was in the 60s. now today on feb 3rd, 2015~ i finally fulfilled my dream and walked into FELIX CHEVROLET!
it was amazing to see the original felix the cat statues. i'd heard the had sold one or two awhile ago for allot of $$. they are most def collectors items and have signs that say, "don't touch."

unfortunately the statues are the only thing left that's original. everything else has been modernized, but they still have felix memorabilia. i got a felix chevrolet t-shirt! i will wear it tomorrow for tea @ antebellum. everyone will be jealous. 

here's their advert~
Since 1921, Felix Chevrolet has proudly served as your Los Angeles Chevrolet dealer of choice. We have operated from the same family-owned location for the life our business, and we are committed to the community we serve. 
Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Felix Chevrolet will blow you away with our large selection of new and used Chevrolet vehicles. Just imagine yourself driving through Los Angeles in a brand new Chevy Camaro
Felix Chevrolet - 3330 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007

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