today we baked our great pumpkin for the 2ND PUMPKIN TEA SALON.
actually antebellum artist~ david crocker did all the baking. i just did the slicing & dicing. 
it was a nice way to spend a sunday afternoon. all in all we came up with~
 two pumpkin pies, 
2 lofts of pumpkin bread, 
pumpkin soup, 
roasted, spicy pumpkin seeds 
and pumpkin syrup!

for happy hour we had whiskey with pumpkin syrup with orange garnish..
what an amazing foodie afternoon.

if you wanna taste our treats, please join us for the 2nd pumpkin tea salon & happy hour on wednesday~ september 24th~ 5pm
$5 cover
for more info~ antebellum@earthlink.net

photos courtesy~ david crocker & craig~  silverlake/antebellum correspondents

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