The original Brown Derby restaurants 
 Yes, I was there (at two or three of the locations.) Yes, the food was good, and 'yes,' one often saw celebrities.
When my son, Sean, was little, I used to take him to the Derby on Vine St. This was usually before, or after, taking him to a movie.
I remember when I worked with GALE GORDON; he used to love to talk about going to the Derby for a late lunch. Rumor was, he was there nearly every day. Oh, and 'yes,' the Cobb Salad at the Derby was THEE best. I've never had another one anywhere else that was as good.
 here are some photos that I thought you might enjoy.

on a side note- i once baked a cake from the original brown derby grapefruit cake recipe, (lucille ball's favorite) it was amazing!

repost & photos courtesy~ christopher riordan~ beverly hills/antebellum correspondent

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