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Pier Paolo Pasolini 
 5 March 1922 – 2 November 1975)
 was an Italian film director, poet, writer and intellectual
Pasolini also distinguished himself as an actor, journalist, philosopher, novelist, playwright,
 filmmaker, painter and political figure.
He remains a controversial personality in Italy to this day due to his blunt style 
and the focus of some of his works on taboo sexual matters,
 but he is an established major figure in European literature and cinematic arts.
 His murder prompted an outcry in some circles of Italy,
 with its circumstances continuing to be a matter of heated debate.

during his time, pasolini was one of  the most prolific and famous filmmakers including fellini and visconti.
pasolini was most definitely the most infamous and controversial.

pier paolo pasolini's filmworks include-
1961- Accattone 
1962- Mamma Roma  
1964- The Gospel According to St. Matthew  
1967- Oedipus Rex  
  1968- Teorema 
1969- Porcile
 1971- The Decameron  
 1972- The Canterbury Tales 
  1974- Arabian Nights    
1975- Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom 

A Carabinieri squad car stopped a speeding Alfa Romeo near Rome. 
The driver, Giuseppe (Pino) Pelosi, a 17-year-old hustler,
 tried to run but was arrested for theft of the car, which was Pasolini's. 
Two hours later, the director's body was discovered. 
Pasolini was murdered by being run over several times with his own car, 
dying on 2 November 1975 on the beach at Ostia. 

Multiple bones had been broken and his testicles crushed by what appeared to be a metal bar. 
His body had been partially burned, the autopsy report revealed,
 by gasoline after the point of death.

 It has long been considered to have been a mafia-style revenge killing, 
extremely unlikely for one person to have carried out. 
Pasolini was buried in Casarsa, in his beloved Friuli. 

Pelosi confessed: Pasolini had picked him up
 and they ate a meal at a restaurant the director knew, the Biondo Tevere 
near St Paul's basilica, where he was known. Pino ate spaghetti with oil and garlic, 
Pasolini drank a beer. At 11.30 pm they drove towards Ostia,
 where Pasolini "asked something I did not want" –
 to sodomise the boy with a wooden stick.
 Pelosi refused, Pasolini struck; Pelosi ran, picked up two pieces of a table, 
seized the stick and battered Pasolini to death.
 As he escaped in the car, he ran over what he thought was a bump in the road.
 "I killed Pasolini", he told his cellmate, and the police.
 Pelosi was convicted in 1976, with "unknown others".

 Twenty-nine years later, on 7 May 2005, Pelosi retracted his confession,
 which he said had been made under the threat of violence to his family. 
He claimed that three people "with a Southern accent" had committed the murder,
 insulting Pasolini as a "dirty communist".

 Other evidence uncovered in 2005 pointed to Pasolini having 
been murdered by an extortionist. Testimony by Pasolini's friend Sergio Citti 
indicated that some of the rolls of film from Salò had been stolen, 
and that Pasolini had been going to meet with the thieves after a 
visit to Stockholm, 2 November 1975.
 Despite the Roman police's reopening of the murder case 
following Pelosi's statement of May 2005, 
the judges charged with investigating it determined the
 new elements insufficient for them to continue the inquiry.

Teorema actress Laura Betti, along with numerous friends & colleuges insist
 pasolini's murder was politically motivated.

In 2014 Abel Ferrara directed a biopic about Pasolini, with Willem Dafoe in the lead role. 
It was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 71st Venice International Film Festival.
It is Rick Castro's opinion that Pasolini's film version of Salo: 120 Days of Sodom is a masterpiece
 and the best film every made

memorial to pasolini on the spot where he was murdered- Orstia, Italy.

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