i am blogging this post from my friend- BRANDON ANTHONY this morning to show people how prevelent racial profiling is here- even in california- considered to be so liberal.
imagine what middle america must be like- 

So I'm subbing a class in Tarzana today. 
I got over here super early, so I've been parked in the neighborhood working from my car the past hour. A few minutes ago, as I stepped out of my car, a very friendly older white woman sparked up a conversation with me and asked if I lived in the neighborhood.
 When I told her I taught for YogaWorks, she informed me that for the past hour, 
her and 6 other neighbors had been watching me. 
Some from their lawns and others from their windows. 
They were all calling each other back and forth to discuss me sitting 
in my legally parked car minding my business.
 Apparently they've had some break ins and everyone is very nervous. 
She then asked me if I had some kind of "proof" 
that I worked at YogaWorks that I could show her...
just to put her mind at ease....I didn't scream. I didn't curse. 
I calmly explained that I wasn't required to show her anything. 
I didn't commit a crime and she's not the police. 
I then asked her to take some time and think about the fact that she just asked a young black man to show her proof of employment because she was uncomfortable with him parking on her street and wished her the best. 
This is 2016.
-brandon anthony-

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