an original mover & shaker of los angeles has left us.
mike aka MRS. GLASS was one of the creative people that made los angeles interesting.
i first met mrs glass when he was working @ AMOK BOOKS in silverlake, way back in 1987.
mrs. glass encouraged me to order an original john wayne gacy painting when he was on death row. 
(i guess amok was his art dealer?) the casbah cafe is there now.

for my birthday, 1989~ a group of my "friends" decided to surprise me at my from door in echo park and tie me up! this included bobby ferris, lauren pine, vaginal davis,  glen meadmore, jeffery hilbert, and mrs glass. 
later in 1995 i cast mrs glass as mr. madame of the la posse escort service in my first film-
mrs. glass wore a striped caftan- as a hommage to paul winfield in mike's murder.
he gave an incredible performance. he even wrote his character's manifesto about the seed of black power. "this is the seed of black power. crawl! crawl!"

some may dispute this, but i am the person to name mike glass, mrs. glass. we were sitting in amok one day discussing he various duties. and i referred to him as an underground librarian- mrs. glass.
he bellowed with laughter and from then on called himself- MRS. GLASS.
mrs. glass was a creative, sweet, kind person. he was always nice to me, maintained our friendship and always greeted me at parties even after i was outta favor with the cool click. 
he suffered a stroke a few years ago and has been in a nursing home since then. 

it is my loss that i never went to visit him.

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