CARL(A) screened last night @ 2. ANTEBELLUM FILMFESTIVAL.
i admit i didn't know anything about this film before andy gras presented it to me for program consideration.

released in 2011, this little gem now has a second life with the fame of LAVERNE COX (co-star) and catlin jenner.
i found the characters believable and the subject matter compelling. all the acting was great from JOSLYN DEFREECE in the lead role, supporting roles by laverne cox, mark margolis and greg bello.

i didn't expect the film to be so sad. to experience the trials and tribulations of what a transgendered person has to go thru still in this modern day. i appreciate the unflinching direction by 
he gives a true- hard account of the transsexual experience. 

my only critic is that there's a happy ending. i know in real life for many transgendered people it would not be. 
ironically this film is distributed by my good friend- michael shoel @ ariztical entertainment.... 
who knew?!

2. antebellum filmfestival continues september 19th & 20th.
to check out the remaining screenings and purchase tickets~ antebellum@earthlink.net

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