easily over 8000 people march today in solidarity protesting police violence against citizens, in particular black men.  the protest started @ pan pacific park and made a large square going down beverly to la brea to Wilshire then up to fairfax.
ALL races ALL genders, ALL age groups, ALL sexual persuasions marched in solidarity in a peaceful~ very powerful display of democracy.
at certain points the crowd stopped and was silent for 4 1/2 minutes in tribute to the 4 1/2 hours michael brown lay dead in the streets of ferguson, missouri.  the energy and pride of the crowd was so great i could feel in my old bones that change is coming.
i must congratulate the organizers of this march. they put together a beautiful display of power from the people. BTW- many of the organizers were young black women. there were many young parents and many, many young children. it's been a long time since i've seen such passion on public streets. 
and on a personal note, the crowd was very easy on the eyes!

more photos to come.......

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