my longtime doll of a friend~ kate mcconn~ and i started a "victory garden last spring.. look what we have now~ our first pumpkin of the season! we also have swiss chard, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, apples, broccoli, potatoes, string beans, corn, oranges, lemons, eggplant & artichoke...
so exciting!
(scobby & i check on our pumpkin.

photo courtesy~ kate mcconn~ inglewood/antebellum correspondent


  1. That is a fantastic photo - what a beautiful pumpkin! Its a great idea to grow yo own food! How do you water them? Do you use rainwater or from the tab? I heard there is a law in USA that no longer allows collecting rain water?? Is this true?

  2. mostly with the hose.. one time kate did catch rain water. there are no laws in ca, but i believe in a couple states- they are trying to make it illegal. new mexico , (tried to ) charges for water rights- even if a river or well is on someone's property

  3. thank you, that is very interesting!
    i was so shocked when i first heard about this law. still shocked. sick law.
    happy gardening season!