“Angel in the Flesh” (c. 1513-1515)

It is the first time ever that The Angel in the flesh by Leonardo Da Vinci is shown in the Americas, and it was interacting with The Last Angel by Bill Viola (video/sound installation).

a photo of the masterpiece

opening night's crowd was enthusiastic to say the least. italians from all regions descended on the small cultural institute for a glimpse of this rare artwork. two guards in full italian military dress greeted us at the door. a private gallery housed the two erotic masterpieces. at the foot of the drawing was the travel case with- angel in the flesh, monogramed on the front. a beefy italian bouncer hovered near by informing us we had 5 more minutes to view the relics, before the next group came in.

after a very long chat with Prof. Carlo Pedretti and bill viola, a screening of "The Greeting" was presented.

AND THEN THE FOOD WAS SERVED!!!! - fresh italian mozzarella, parmigiano-reggiano and prosciutto, champagne, wine and deserts to die for by bindi. the three layer cake was better than sex!

general info-
The controversial drawing the “Angel in the Flesh” (c. 1513-1515), discovered in 1990, will appear in its unique splendor thru December 3-12, 2009. It is a truly historical moment as this is the first time ever that the “Angel in the Flesh” (formerly in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle) will be shown on the West coast before it returns to Europe. Under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic of Italy and organized in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Los Angeles, Leonardo da Vinci and Bill Viola’s exhibition concludes the 9th Italian Language Week dedicated to Arts, Science and Technology.

Prof. Carlo Pedretti, in attendance, was instrumental to get the Codex Leicester for Mr Hammer UCLA.

Bill Viola presented the installation "The Last Angel" as well as a very powerful video "The Greeting"(10 minutes) which proves that Pontormo was a student of Leonardo.

bill viola, "The Greeting", (1995)


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