a Kyle Le Documentary. Special Thanks to Kim and Jon for sharing their story with us and allowing me
to be a part of their family experience. I am forever grateful to have been able
to produce this video and to get to know such great people. Kim worked as a child maid and helper to a family with an American GI husband in Saigon in her early teenage years. Her mother lived in poverty and needed Kim and her sister's salary in order to raise her other children, so the two sisters were put to work. 
Kim had a chance to go to America where the family didn't allow her to go to school or go outside. She was basically a prisoner. Eventually, she escaped by faking a pregnancy and she had to move away to another state. When she came back, the family who brought her over disappeared along with Kim's background. Only the American GI's wife knew of Kim's origins but she was cruel and evil. She didn't even mail all of Kim's letters back to her mother. Her mother was never told of her whereabouts or condition. 
Years passed. No clue, no names, no known locations,
everything was a faint memory to Kim until the family who brought her over's son
was found by Jon after endless days and weeks of searching. 
He provided an important clue to the whole mystery with the form of an address
and that's where I came into the picture.

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