Gay Bar Patrons In New Orleans Allegedly Told To “Get Ready, Fags” By Hecklers After Election 

And so it begins. Now that he has been elected to the Oval Office, the hatred Donald Trump unleashed during his rallies seems to be spreading out into the streets of America. Blaise Navarro is a receptionist at a salon in New Orleans. After getting off work last night, he says he went to The Bourbon Pub, a popular gay bar in the French Quarter, to watch the election results. Related: The Next Four Years Are Going To Be Awful. How Awful Is Anyone’s Guess. In an emotional Facebook post, Navarro writes: I went outside to smoke a cigarette and people passing the bar on the street were jeering at my friends, acquaintances, and strangers. What were they saying? Things like, “Worried, faggots?” Or “Get ready, fags.” Or just flat out screaming, “Faggots!” And then just continued walking. 

Navarro continues by saying that in the eight years he’s been going to that bar, he’s never experienced any sort of homophobia. Until the day Donald Trump was elected president, that is.

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