After President-elect Donald Trump announced earlier this week that Stephen Bannon will be his ‘chief strategist’ in the White House, Nancy Leong decided she couldn’t sit back any longer.
Through her research on discrimination as a professor at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law, Leong said Bannon had long ago come up on her radar: In his former role as executive chairman of Breitbart News, he had transformed it from a conservative news site into “the platform” for alt-right, and white supremacists, she said.
Leong was shocked to consider what Bannon could do in a prominent role in the White House.
“There have been a lot of racial code words throughout the campaign,” she said, “but the appointment of Stephen Bannon, who is literally a white supremacist hero, is the most overtly racial thing that Trump has done since the election.”
By mid-day Tuesday, Leong was on Twitter asking if anyone else was petitioning to oppose Bannon’s appointment.

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