alexis arquette passed away this morning!

i've known alexis since the 80s when she was a handsome man..

i first met alexis way back in the mid 80s @ peanuts in weho. they had the best drag show of the time. 
i believe i was with rick owens & vaginal davis?
anyway alexis came up to me and just started talking. he was very nice, engaging and sexy!
i had a crush on him. over the years i would see him @ parties eventually realizing he was an actor when i saw him in down & out in beverly hills. i thought his small part in pulp fiction was fantastic.
years later i was filming for a britsh reality show and we went to his home in larchmont to film a segment. alexis demonstrated placing a dozen roses, (de-thorned) up is ass.
i always wanted alexis to have a part in my film that was never made- fey way: the robert opel story.

after transitioning to a woman alexis became a fierce advocate for transgender rights.
 alexis was always a trailblazer and presented herself to mainstream hollywood the way she wanted



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