Antebellum Hollywood presents fetish, new artists and established masters, queer culture, performance art, transgressive culture~ without any censorship whatsoever~ on a regular basis.
11 years ago curator Rick Castro created Antebellum as a salon
for people defining 21st century culture.
Antebellum is fiercely independent.

produced & directed by Rick Castro
cinematography & editing- Natuta Bagrationi
hair & make up~ Sasha Spruill
clothing & boots~ Rick Owens
horsey costumes- Keith Hunter
Antebellum gallery- itself
the sentinel- George Regout
Travis Bickle John Hale
dreaded- Chad Davis
punx- Natuta Bagrationi
undress me- Stefan Pinto
visions of cameron- Guy Perry
heavy metal hula- Sasha Spruill
kinky crochet- Barry Morse
horsey of the apocalypse- De' Ephraim~Manuel
bendboy- De' Ephraim~Manuel
fetish tea party
crooner- Robert Patrick
the sentinel- George Regout
Travis bickle- John Hale
Norman Desmond- Guy Perry
heavy metal hula girl- Sasha Spruill
dapper man- Stefan Pinto
the professor- David Arkadhia
punx girl- Natuta Bagrationi
rick castro- Rick Castro
screen kiss
matinee idol #1- Brendan Lucas
matinee idol #2- Daniel Ortiz
cecil b demille director- Robert Sides
Boo Radley- John hale
Rick Castro in rocking chair- Rick Castro
Norman Desmond- Guy Perry
Hollywood boulevard- itself
dies irae- composer & performer- hector berlioz
survive-composer- craig lee- performed by the bags
babylonian gorgon- composer- craig lee- performed by- the bags
tonight you belong to me- composers- billy rose & lee davis- performed by- Gene Austin
Caravan-composes- juan tizol & duke ellington- performed by- Gordon Jenkins
dirt- composer- Iggy Pop performed by- the stooges
narcissus-composer & performed by- robert patrick
four horseman of the apocalypse tango- composer & performer- carl davis
gluttony-composer- craig lee- performed by- the bags
la llorona- chaveLa vargas
ne me quitte pas- composer- jaques brel- performed by- nina simone
i wanna hot dog for my roll- composers- hammed/williams- performed by- butterbean & susie

all footage- Antebellum Hollywood copyright 2016

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