my choice for movie of the year thus far~
based on writings & lore from early american colonists during the 17th century, 
THE WITCH does what the crucible and all the other hollywood "witch trials" genre films never tried or for that matter attempted to do. 
tell the story with an unbiased religious slant.
what's so beautiful about this film, (besides the spectacular cinematography by  jarin blaschke) is that the story being told is true, but what leads to the dramatic conclusion
 can be more than one theory~
* religious fervor
* supernatural forces
* hysteria
* cabin fever
* fear of nature
* nature
* fear
this film is so beautiful to watch and the drama is on the mark. although classified as a horror film, it really isn't. hollywood never knows what to do with an original concept, so this film suffers from lack of category.  in a way this film is a classic grimm's fairy tale told the way they used to be told, before disney got ahold of them.
i for one am thrilled that films can still be made with an original voice telling a story as old as religion itself~  
do we believe in nature or the wrath of god?
first time director ROBERT EGGERS is someone to pay attention to. he will be the next voice in cinema.  i'm excited to see what he does with his next project~
a remake of the 1922 classic~ nosferatu.
BTW- the cast & acting is excellent all the way, including the animals!
who, according to director robert eggers put the lead actor in the hospital.
if i knew the name of the animal wrangler i would give them credit. something most reviewers would never think of.
 (stylized as The VVitch and titled onscreen with the subtitle A New England Folktale
is a 2015 horror film written and directed by Robert Eggers, in his directorial debut
The plot follows a Puritan family encountering forces of evil in the woods beyond their New England farm, forces that may be either real or imagined.
The Witch won the Directing Award in the U.S. Dramatic category at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.
The film was theatrically released on February 19, 2016, by A24.
 It received a polarizing response, with critics reviewing it positively and audiences having a mixed reception.

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