one of the sweetest people in the industry has left us.
hairstylist~ TEDDY ANTOLIN passed away this morning.
back in the 80s, when i worked as a wardrobe stylist, i had the pleasure of working with teddy many times. we did numerous editorials for interview magazine, (rob lowe) and movie posters, album covers with greg gorman. i even did california magazine cover- david letterman- with teddy.
teddy was always kind to me, had the best stories and was a true talent in the industry. everybody, and i mean everybody wanted their hair done by teddy.
teddy antolin had the calmest demeanor and a warm heart. he was a true doll.. 
although i hadn't seen much of him in the 2000's, we stayed in touch thru Facebook. he was very supportive of my art and antebellum gallery.

rest in peace~ beautiful soul~ rest in peace

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  1. To my friend, Teddy...our recent chats on everything from life & death to pets & politics were thoughtful, hilarious and unforgettable. I raise a glass to you tonight and to your spirit forever...thank you for your kindness, you are a Star.