my friend birdsong passed away this morning...

i met him approx. 3 years ago @ antebellum @ the opening for ADULTS ONLY.

we immediately hit it off and found we had numerous mutual friends in common.
over the years birdsong has been a friend to the gallery, worked for me, volunteered for me, had sex with me, went places with me, shared dinners & lunches with me, not to mention numerous tea salons. 
i hosted his last birthday in Los angeles @ antebellum, birdsong even lived with me for a short while.

birdsong was originally from atlanta, georgia where he worked for outwrite bookshop.  
he moved to nyc and ran/ curated an amazing gallery/bookshop/coffeehouse- 
rapture cafe during 2006.

around 2012 he moved to LA, where he helped me a great deal @ antebellum, later was a manager @ the pleasure chest~ weho. early this year  birdsong moved to tennessee to  short mountain~  the radical faerie retreat.

unfortunately, like many people birdsong was an alcoholic. it got the best of him and robbed him of his dreams. birdsong was driving the wrong way on a tennesse HWY and had a head on collision, (the other party suffered minor injuries) he was in a comma for a couple days and passed away this morning.
i will always remember the sweetest of souls and the friendship he gave to me. birdsong was a genuine friend. 
rest in peace my buddy.

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