antebellum artist~ ANTHONY FEATHERS is having a ruff spot in his life. because of persistant medical problems and medical bills, he is in fear of loosing his apartment. 

well all need a little help sometimes. if you are able please donate to anthony. every little amount helps.


I have lost my apartment due to being the sole bread winner in my marriage for many years.  Being a diabetic,  I’ve had medical bills due to doctor visits, tests/ emergency room visits/ prescriptions, etc.

My partner is a citizen of Brasil, and though we are legally married, this does not allow him a work visa.  He is moving back to Brasil where I know he will be okay with his family.  I do not know when or if I will see him again.  We are proceeding  on faith.  I’m having friends hold onto my artwork in hopes I won’t lose those pieces.  

I am currently scrambling to find my two cats a new home.  I have a steady job/ no savings.  I’ve exhausted all funds keeping us afloat thus far.  I have very little money for moving/ storage costs/ first last months rent for a room / medicine / food / transportation costs.  At this time I have until the end of July at my current apartment.

I would be grateful if you would share this- but do not feel pressured.  That is not my intention.  I’m greatly disappointed that I have to do this- I never thought I would ever need to.  I have fought pretty hard along this road- and I will continue to do so.  I just don’t want to lose my job by not having a home to go to sleep and shower.  I love my job and I need my benefits, and I have to maintain a professional look.  

Each donation is graciously appreciated.  I know times are very hard for many people, and I pray you will not think less of me for reaching out like this.   

I thank you for your time and appreciate your good thoughts.  If you are able to help- you have my sincere and heartfelt appreciation appreciation ~


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