A man was shot in the arm and several people arrested after an argument broke out Saturday in the area of the United Nations Plaza just as local Pride celebrations were winding down.
Police said they were called to the area on a report of shots fired just after 6 p.m. Officers detained several possible suspects on Market Street.
According to police, the incident started when several groups of men – “unrelated” to Pride events – became involved in a verbal dispute. The situation escalated when one subject pulled out a gun and fired shots, they said. One of the bullets hit a 64-year-old Pride spectator in the arm, police said. He was transported to San Francisco General Hospital and is reported to be in stable condition.
A cell phone video that appears to have been recorded near the scene of the shooting shows a group of young men arguing when shots ring out. People can be heard screaming in the background. Other eyewitness videos show people fleeing and officers responding to the scene.
you can view the instagram HERE~

what is really sad, yet funny is how all the news agencies contact girl who took the footage and ask to use it for free. then when fox news makes the request~ all her friends say` "don't do it!"

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