The Sergeant (1968is an American drama film starring Rod Steiger and John Phillip Law, directed by John Flynn, and released by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts.

A dedicated, decorated war veteran, Sgt. Callan (Rod Steiger), is posted in France at a fuel supply depot in 1952. Finding a lack of discipline under the frequently drunk Capt. Loring, he takes charge in a tough, no-nonsense manner.
But distracting the sergeant is a physical attraction to one of his men, Private First Class Swanson (John Phillip Law), that seems at odds with everything in Callan's personality. He makes Swanson his orderly and befriends him socially, but behind his back scares off Solange, the private's girlfriend (Ludmila Mikaƫl).
Callan's confusion and depression grows and he begins to drink. Unable to resist the urge, the sergeant attempts to kiss Swanson and is violently warded off. He turns up for morning formation hungover and Loring relieves him of duty. Callan goes off to a nearby woods alone, rifle in hand, and commits suicide.

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